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Chapter 1565 - No Stone Unturned

"Hehe, it should be fun," said the woman in her mid-thirties as she cracked her neck. Warden Estelle had left, leaving us to our own.

From what the teacher told me, the Devil's Gate is just like a normal Grimm Battlefield; after entering here, we have to register Pyramid before finding a place for one to stay.

The only way it is different is that the mortality rate is quite high; more than one-third of people that come here die, but those who survive here became quite powerful.

There is a usual danger of other criminals and Grimm Monsters, who are also present here; there is no way our mortal enemies would not use such a place to train their people like us and like us; they also send their criminals here who are the worst than the human criminals.

But the Grimm Monster and criminal humans are not the biggest danger here; the biggest danger here is the environment of the Devil's gate, which kills directly and indirectly, mostly indirectly.

The suppression tides are one of the direct ways it kill, while there are too many indirect ways there are for me to mention.

"Hey cutie, do you want to be my toy for tonight," Said a pretty blond woman in her mid-thirties; she had that girl next door vibe, which made everyone comfortable around her; no one would expect she is one of the worst criminal here.

Wanda, the S.e.x Deviant

This woman is a serial torturer and killer; she likes to torture her victims while having s.e.x; she sometimes even killed them. There is solid proof that she had killed six people, but investigators of her Organisations believe that she had killed double that numbers.

"F.u.c.k off," I said after giving her a look and begin to walk away, without care for the feral look that appeared on her face.

"Little bastard, I had asked you nicely seeing those nice muscles, but since you dare to impolite, I will teach you a good lesson," she said and directly appeared in front of me and moved her lightning-covered dagger toward my stomach.

Wanda is at the High Level of Emperor Stage and has powerful lightning Inheritance, which is speed-oriented.

I smirked seeing her dagger coming, and my hand moved at lightning speed, and before she could move her hand away, I grabbed it in an iron grip.

"Bitch, you should have stayed silent," I said grinningly, and the next second, green fire erupted from my hand and covered her whole.

She screamed out loud as green fire covered her while I begin to walk away as if nothing happened.

It took Wanda a few seconds to get rid of fire, but when she did, light blisters have appeared all over her body. She looked at me with hate but did not do or say anything.

A few minutes later, I forgot that incident when I walked out of the airport. Just as I felt faint but powerful soul senses, feeling them, a slight surprise couldn't help but appear on my face, despite knowing about it.

Teacher had told me t

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