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Chapter 1560 - Sam Duffy

"Its seriously good; mom never lets me eat anything that I've not mastered," Elina said as she took the first bite of the food. All the recipes in the Tome are good, but the higher one goes, the more delicious they became and also harder to make.

In these three months, both Teacher and Professor had made great progress in Tome, both of them had gone above 600th, but after that, their progress had slowed very much.

Teacher who had always had a lead of fifty recipes over the professor now shrunk to nine recipes, but the professor told me the nine recipes are unbreakable gaps that she will have to try very hard to overcome.

Both professor and teacher had begun to practice their energy control from basics; the teacher said that if she did not start the cover from the beginning, she would never have enough energy control to reach the 700th recipe.

The Tome had helped Professor and Teacher greatly; their strength had risen explosively, especially teachers healing arts, they have improved very much.

Fortunately, Elina and I did not have a problem; due to the teacher's guidance, our energy control had no flaw; we just need the practice to make it better.

Twenty minutes later, lunch is over, and it is time for me to meet him, as I am doing for the past two and half months.

"Let's go," I said, and Elina nodded.

Elina and I walked toward the formation and changed the coordinates in it before walking into it with Elina, and soon, we both bound ourselves into the small room.

As we appeared in a small room, I took a deep breath; as I did that, Elina disappeared and appeared in the corner of the room.

"That artifact is quite scary; I don't know how you use something like that," she said, and I smiled.

With her access, she does not have access to know about this Artifact but seeing she is the daughter of the headmistress and my friend and passed through all the loyalty tests that the council had put on her, they decided to let her know about the Artifact.

I tapped on my temple as I did, a white ceramic mask appeared on my face. The simple white ceramic mask had a soft, weird smile on its face, anyone who sees the smile would be creeped out by it.

The name of Artifact is 'Smiling Torture' Others might really be confused by it, but those who used it will know its fitting name for the Artifact.


The smiling torture is one greatest Heirloom Artifacts of the Academy, found in Ruin by the Headmistress Marcella Roosevelt, teacher of Ramona Hawthorn and mother of Catherine Roosevelt.

The most notable user of this Mask was Ramona Hawthorn; she used it when a Supreme was hunting her.

Its grade is above that of that Tyrant Grade, and it is a body training artifact, but it also has a different function that is copying the physique of others. It is an amazing Artifact, but its problem is, its is extremely painful.

As I mask appeared on my face, I

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