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Chapter 1555 - Lady Hera II

"It is Protection Band, a very powerful one. It is one use item that could defend you against the attack of powerful Tyrant and sent to you back flagged space, as long as it is within thousand kilometers," she said.

I couldn't help but impress hearing it; the band is definitely not from our world; even the most powerful protection amulets could only defend against average Tyrants. Since it is from the ruins, it will work in most areas, where even normal protection amulets did not work.

So, unless there is a jammer or Tyrant who had the special ability to disturb the space, I will be relatively safe from the above-average Tyrants; I would still be in danger if pretty powerful Tyrants attacks, so I will have to careful in not coming across the powerful Tyrants.

"Thank You, Lady Hera," I thanked her, "You don't have to thank me, it is at least we could do after you defeated that Werewolf if we had to rescue you or you had died by its hands, the consequence would have been immeasurable." She said, without mincing her words.

She is right, if those things had happened, the humans' morale would have plummeted, and the consequences of that would have been unbearable.

In the same way, now that I had won, it would create a positive effect; the result had already begun appearing from the Grimm Battlefields, and this positive effect would last quite long.

"This is your second price; there are enough resources here to level average king to Tyrant Stage, though these resources would not take you Tyrant stage, still they will surely be very useful to you when you reach the Emperor Stage," She said frankly and passed me an opened wooden box, inside the box was storage.

"Thank You," I said and took the ring before seeping my consciousness inside it. The ring space is quite small, about a hundred meters square, but every corner of it is filled with rare and precious resources.

Some of these resources are useful to me, while others I could exchange for the resources I want.

"There is one more thing I have to give you," Lady Hera said as I put the storage ring inside my storage.

She took out a blue Pyramid Shape badge, and it floated toward me before attaching to my chest.

"Every champion and to runner ups, but due to potential and Inheritance, the access you get is far above the normal winner of the World Championship,"

"With this badge, you can access Pyramids state of the art training facilities, market and exchange platform that is connected to all the organization including Supremes, you also get access to our library, our collection is equal to that of the Supremes and in some areas greater than supremes," she informed me.

Hearing that, a smile couldn't help but appear on my face with this badge, I could access their library from any part of the human territory and Grimm Battlefield, but some of the knowledge could not be accessed remotely, the books on runology.

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