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Chapter 1579 - Six Weeks

Beep Beep Beep

My holowatch beeping with yellow flashes for the past few seconds with an important notification, but all I could do is grit my teeth and not shout, no matter how much I want to open my mouth and shout out loud.

I am lying in a thick herbal pool that is made from rare and precious herbs, and my body is sucking it all as if it is a sponge.

I am currently training using the 'Smiling Torture.' The process is very painful and horrifying to look.

There are thousands of warts appearing on every part of my body before disappearing for a second.

These warts would suck the herbal energy from the pool and provide it to my internal organs and bones, which are currently expanding and compressing to fuse the herbal energy inside it.

The process is very painful, but the benefits are also extremely great. With the help of the above Tyrant Grade artifact, I was able to refine my body at a phenomenal rate; the progress rate is even faster than what I had in 'I' Ruin.

Still, there is a price to be paid for such benefits, and it is pure torture. It is extremely painful that, across the years, very few people had trained with this Artifact for more than a year.

Currently, I am at the first level of training, and it is this painful. The second level is ten times more painful than this; I had read the records, and they are shuddering.

There many levels of training in this Artifact, but most people, including the past headmasters and others, stopped at level 3. In over three thousand years since this Artifact in Academies hand, only five people could go over Level 3.

I am planning to sixth; I nearly finished with the 1st level of training, and if it not for me is still a King, I would have finished it with this level a while ago.

The lower the level is, the more time it will take to finish its training regiment, but the lower level has its benefits. The base of one became stronger and firmer and provided a great boost when one level up.

The training lasted for about ten more minutes before warts on my skin disappeared forever.

With training done, I looked at my holowarched and opened the 'Yellow' mail I had received from the guild. The 'Yellow' mail is important to mail, but it is nothing like the purple one where I have to leave everything and do what it wants me to do.

"It looks like Devil Gate will not be silent for quite a while," I said as I read the main.

A new structure had come out of the ground in a forest a few hours ago, and both humans and Grimm Monsters are investigating it, but preliminary investigation they have done states that it is Treasure Palace.

This news is going to create a huge wave; loads of people will leave toward it.

This Treasure Palace haad appeared inside the middle region of the forest, where the suppression is very heavy. It will not discourage people at all; people will still flock there.

The Treasure

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