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Chapter 1572 - Supression Tide I

Her killing intent is enough to tell me how serious she is about killing me. If I did not give her what she wants, she would not hesitate to launch the fatal attack on me as she had said.

"How many humans have you killed here?" I asked; my question seemed to me had caught her off guard as this is not the question I, Sam Duffy, would ask in such a scenario.

She looked at me sharply at my question before her face cracked, and she begins laughing madly.

"Hahaha… Asking me such question, since when did you become such saint?" she asked while laughing madly.

She laughed for quite a while before she suddenly stopped and looked at me seriously.

"I am going to kill you now that you have asked that question, and since I am going to kill you, I don't mind satiating your curiosity," she said as she gripped my neck at lightning speed; her movements were amazingly fast.

She Gripped my neck with her meaty fingers and brought me closer till there is barely a distance of five meters between our eyes; we are close, that I could smell peachy flavor bubblegum she is silently chewing in her mouth.

"Listen well, little Sam, it is the last thing you are going hear before you die,"

"Till now, I had killed two hundred and thirty-one people; I had killed most of them in ruins, but I had killed some in outside, even killed three in the premise of my organization, and since I came here, I had killed twenty-nine people," she said with a grinning smile.

I am shocked hearing such count; her confession said that she only killed little more than ten people, but in reality, she had killed ten times more of that.

I am utterly shocked and immediately made my mind that if in the future, I had the power to influence how the world works, I will make rules to execute such monsters.

No matter what their level, even if they are Tyrants. If they committed needless murders, they would be executed; there will be no forgiveness for them.

"Now that you heard my confession, it is time for you to die!" she said with a grin and clutched her meaty fingers to crush my neck, but no matter how hard she pressed them, no sound of cracking came from my neck; it is like my neck is made of iron.


"A monster like you truly deserved to die," I said, and the sound of piercing came out.

The meaty fingers on my through loosen a little beat as Reagan looked down at her chest, where she found red, green vine piercing her chest.

She did not see a burning green chain but a delicate diamond vine of mine which had become famous across the whole world.

"You," she said as the blood bubble out of her throat as a flash of recognization appears in her eyes.

I could have used the fiery chain to finished her or directly hacked her head apart instead of risking my identity and using my vines, but I did.

I did it because I wanted her to know it is me who killed her, and it is also for

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