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Chapter 1390 - Peak Of Prince Stage

One hundred and nineteen days had passed since I had entered this Ruin, two hours less to four months.

Compared to the past one month, three months before that were a breeze. In this past month, all the battles I had fought were on edge, not a single one that gave me an easy victory.

That is worrying me extremely because there might be a chance that Green Kings might appear a few hours later, and I am in no condition to face them.

The diary said the Green Kings appear an exact month before the end of the Cycle. Each Cycle of Ruin is between One hundred and fifty days to one hundred and eighty days, between five to six months to be exact.

In a few hours, when four months will complete, the Green Kings might appear if the Cycle is shorted of five months, and if the Cycle is of longest six months, then there will be a month before they appear.

And if the cycle end is between five to six months, then Green Kings could appear any time in the next month, which is a most frustrating thing.

The diary writer is oddly sure about Green Kings appearing exactly one month before the Cycle ends. How good it would have been measuring the length of the Cycle, but unfortunately, I could not do that.

Even those outside could not predict the date exactly; if not for that, the date of ruin opening would have been moved by a few weeks.

This past week had been a ride to the rollercoaster; I barely had free time as nearly every second I am working on increasing my strength from fighting to consuming 'Green Source' to working in my Inheritance and Tome.

Everything helped me increase my strength, and it would have been even better. If I had created the Dimond Seal with it, I would have had a lot less fear for the Green Kings.

But the creation of the seals slowed down a lot after the creation of the 9th Ruby Seal. I still remember those two sessions about a month ago when I had created eleven and thirteen seals with the help of 'Green Source' obtained from the Silver Ghouls.

After I created the 9th Ruby Seal, my veins would contract whenever I circulated energy with the intent of creating the Seal of Supreme Combat Exercise. This contraction will reduce the power of 'Green Source's' momentum so much that I could only create two seals at each session and three if I pushed really hard and is lucky enough.

This contraction of veins would become greater and greater; it is my luck that the Green Source's power is greater at the very session; otherwise, I would not have been able to create forty-nine seals (Nine Hundred and Forty-Nine) within a month.

I am not ready to face Green Kings, but if they appear, then this level up will surely help me in lessening the gap.

A few minutes ago, I finished developing the last upgrade of the Prince Stage. After this upgrade, I will be ready for King Stage Inheritance, which unfortunately hadn't finished yet.

I had been workin

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