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Chapter 1360 - Extraction

Gulp Gulp Gulp…

I gulp down all the liquid inside the big bottle of herbal essence as I continued fighting.

With me fighting such an extremely intense battle, I am draining essences like water. I had to drink essences continuously to survive against the Strange Cosmic Energy of this ruin; even a minute without the essences could start the process of turning me into the Ghoul.

I had drunk too much of essence, far more than my body could handle, and now it is injuring me inside. If it had been any other time, I would have felt worried about it, but seeing more than a hundred Ghouls attacking me every second, I am worried about injuries I am getting internally.

My body is strong enough to handle the injuries caused by a huge amount of essence. Seeing at a crazy speed, the essence is getting digested; I would not have to worry about the internal injuries the essence is causing; it will be over within a few minutes.

In this intense, the herbal essence is getting digested at never before speed. If it had been any other time, I would have been escatic about it but not now. I am more focused on keeping my one eye on the beacon bracelet I am wearing.

It could shine at any moment, and once it does, I will have to get as far as I can from these freaking Ghouls for safe extractions.

"Can you now run away?" I asked Elina, seeing the power she is showing, it will be easier for the runaway and maintain a few hundred meters distance than fighting like she is doing now.

"I can't; my bloodline isn't letting me," she said, her voice is full of frustration and anger.

The emotions she is feeling is understandable. If I had been in her place, I would have felt the same, especially now at the time of leaving.

We continue killing more and more Ghouls, but more Ghouls keep appearing, building more and more pressure upon us. I wanted to curse those bastards watching from the sidelines.

I could feel people's gazes; most of them are just watching it like an interesting play. Only some of them are helping, killing Ghouls that are coming in our way; if not for the help they are providing, the pressure on us would have been even greater.

Still, the help they are providing is not enough; the numbers of Ghouls are increasing at a much faster pace than we are killing them, and if this continued to happen, then it wouldn't be long before we get overwhelmed.

Till now, I was somehow able to protect myself from the attacks of Ghouls, but if their numbers kept increasing at a similar pace, then it will become impossible for me not to get injured. Unlike Elina, I do not have the protection of Bloodline that would help.

Once I get injured by the Ghoul, the necrotic process would start, and that also one of the things that could interfere with the extraction, which means getting injured by the Ghouls will be akin to staying in this ruin forever.

It is not easy to stop the necrotic p

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