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Chapter 1387 - Storm Lord’s Blessing

In the second I attacked, the Wind Golem had completely transformed, and now it became Vine Golem as now vines are completely covered it. Not only that, the hundred-meter huge Rose has become even more defined, and I am heavily injured and still getting injured.

When vines attacked, they not only used the energy Wind Golem for their growth, but they also transferred a huge amount of energy toward me and still transferring it, even now.

The amount of this energy is so huge that I couldn't help but get injured. I needed such a huge amount of energy, so I could covert it and provide it to the Rose covering us, making the suppression it is releasing even stronger.

If I let it stronger than its own pace, I would not be able to defeat this Silver Ghoul. Seeing the strength of this Silver Ghoul, I only have a second, and I preferred to squeeze as many things in this second as the next thing that will happen will be quite difficult.


A small band heard from the Wind Golem, and Silver Ghoul came out, its cloths are quite tattered, which fixed themselves within a second.

As it came out of Wind Golem, it looked at me with the real emotions it is feeling toward me. In its eyes, I could see the rage, violence, hunger bubbling inside its silvery eyes.

"Good Human, you have surprised me with your strength. It is far greater than I had expected, especially these last two moves of yours." It said while motioning toward the Vine Golem and Huge Rose that is covering us.

"But it is far from to kill me." "Let me show you my real strength, Storm Lords Blessing!" It said grandly, and a windy halo appeared behind it, and its aura started rising.

'F.u.c.k F.u.c.k F.u.c.k!...'

I couldn't help but start cursing inside my mind; I had thought that Wind Golem would be its most powerful attack, but I had been wrong; this bastard had another trump card, which is more powerful than the Wild Golem.

"Human, feel blessed to be killed under my most powerful attack!" It said, copying the emotions and the dialog from the Grimm Monsters, only those bastards said such retarded things during the combat.


As it made its grand proclamation, it came at me, and its speed its so great that air exploded around behind it, and it became near behind it, and it became near inviable to my eyes.

"Die Human!" It said when it was halfway and swung its scimitar, ready to hack me into two.

It had full confidence to kill me in a single attack, but I did not share that confidence. I would be not be standing here if I did not have some confidence to defeat it.

As it closer to me and got its scimitar to cut me into two, tens of huge crystalline vines moved toward it with a very sharp pointy end.

While it was lost in its narcissism, the Vine Golem collapsed, and six huge vines came out of it. These vines are not only bigger, but they are also stronger and faster due to the

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