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Chapter 1362 - Trapped II

I watched as one person after another appears through the Ruin Gate, having a bright smile over their tired faces.

I could understand the joy they are feeling; I, too, once felt the same thing when I came out of the Ruin years ago. The benefits Ive got that time had helped me big time.

More and more people came, but I did not see my daughter and student among them, which made me a little worried. With their power, no danger should come to them.

Still, the nagging sense I am getting making me feel something bad had happened, and that is me really worried; my intuition had never given me a wrong feeling.

"Don't worry; everything would be fine," Josie said, reading worry on my face, and just as she said it, I saw my daughter walking out of the ruin gates, with her body covered in a dense purple fire which immediately attracted the attention of everyone.

Just one look at her told me she is a fine and purple fire covering her helpful for her. the appearance of fire means her bloodline had finally begun the Atavism.

I was feeling escatic for my daughter when I noticed her expression, and my heart couldn't help but skipped a beat.

"Darling, what happened?" I asked as I appeared beside her, "Mom, M.. Micheal," she said as she burst into sobs.

Hearing her sobs, my heart couldn't help but contract and that bad feeling I am getting came at me in full force.

"Did something had happened to Micheal Darling?" I asked worriedly; taking Micheal as my student is the greatest choice Ive ever made, and in time, I begin to love him like my own child.

"He had come to save me when I…" Ellie begins to explain what happened between the sobs. The more I hear, the more intense the feeling I get in my heart.

"He finally pushed the Ghouls far enough for my beacon to light up and Ruin Gate to extract me successfully." She finished.

Silence descended the whole room; what she had described had shocked the whole room. Nearly all the people standing here have entered the 'I' Ruin, including some of those from Supreme, and have a clear idea about the Ghoul's strength and power that require to push them back.

"Don't worry, honey, he will be fine and return in a few seconds," I said to my daughter and motioned the ruin gate operators to focus more than the homing band of Micheal.

Seconds passed, and more and more people came, but there is no sign of Micheal. Soon minutes passed, and 94% of all people that entered the Ruin have returned.

Now, the gate is only picking up the signal of only one bacon, and that is of the Micheal, as for the rest of the people, they have died, unfortunately. The number of returns is greater than most times as usually only 80% to 85% of people were able to return.

But Micheal had still not come; his beacon is active, the Ruin Gate is clearly showing that, but it can't extract it due to interference it facing.

Seeing that, I really begin to

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