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Chapter 1389 - Consuming

Just as it turned to smoke, I let out of everything. I stopped refining the energy; I stopped every move I am using. I feel so tired that I nearly collapsed on the ground; if not me in such a dangerous environment, I would have collapsed on the floor.

I stayed on my spot for a couple of minutes before I walked a few steps and picked up the necrotic core of Silver Ghoul.

It is dark black in color and has faint silver lines on it; the lines are also slightly darker than yesterday's Ghoul's core.

Like yesterday, just as I touched the Ghoul, I felt intent from Nero who want to consume, and this time, I did not stop him.


As I gave my consent, the small cocoon that Nero is in expanded fast till it covered me fully, and just as it happened, the dark black core burst into the smoky fire with a faint silver streak in it.

This smoky fire begin to enter inside me at amazing speed; I could feel the cocoon sucking up and satisfying the intentions I am getting from Nero.

Within ten seconds, the whole Necrotic Core has disappeared; there is not a single speck of it have remained, including that of the Green Source, Nero had eaten it all.

From the feeling I got from Nero, he needs these necrotic core. They contain a huge amount of energy that he needs, but it is not easy to get them; every fight with Silver Ghouls is that of life and death.

It would have been good if Nero could consume the normal Necrotic Cores, there are thousands of them in my storage, but I found no reaction from Nero when I touched them; if he needed them, he would have had informed me already.

'I could not fight like this; I have to improve faster.' I said to myself, currently, I may be able to fight against the Ghouls, but as their power increased, I will lag, and eight days later when their strength doubled, I would be completely decimated.

The first thing I would have to do is increased the speed of energy refining. Today, I was barely able to refine the energy I needed during the combat, with the cost of mind splitting headache.

The headache is so bad that I continued for less than ten minutes and stopped as soon as the fight is over as the headache was too much for me.

Other than that, I have to increase the speed at which I refine the herbal essence, and I have an idea for that. I will use the same formation to block 10% Cosmic Energy, just time; it will work the opposite.

Since I have already had an idea, I closed my eyes for a moment; a second later, formation activated as it begins to attack 10% more energy into me; I already had a plan to use this way, I just wanted to test this formation in battle before I use it on my own body.

I now have to continue working on this formation to improve it to attract even more cosmic energy or block cosmic energy according to my need.

Seeing formation working, I begin to refine mana again, and like before, I did not hold back on

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