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Chapter 1364 - Burning

The energy had begun to burn deeper parts of me, but also above, as all the hair on my body had burned away.

The hair on my head, on my arms, and eyebrows, each and every one of them has burned away; I could see the dust they have turned into in front of my eyes.

Within a second, all my hair and half of my blood had burned away, and if this continued for two more seconds, I will turn into the dust as my hair did.

I was thinking about my death when suddenly, I felt a small refreshing feeling coming over me in mind breaking pain, only to see cosmic energy finally acting against Essense Energy.

The cosmic energy is attacking the Essense Energy ravenously like a mad dog, as it did. It is melting a huge amount of energy, which is merging into my body, which in turn had stabilized my condition barely.

I am still on edge and could die within a second if melted essence stopped merging with me.

While energy is still burning every part of my body, the melted energy merges with it, making it stronger than before.

Both energies have begun to fight against each other as they are each other mortals enemies me more and more melted energy, forging my body further and further.

As time passed, the amount of melted energy became greater and greater as the quantity and quality of the Cosmic Energy continue to increase.

My injuries are sucking more and more Cosmic Energy every second, and the quality of that energy would also improve by a fraction.

The Cosmic Energy is assaulting Essense Energy with more and more quantity, thus giving me more melted essence energy to merge with me.

With passing time, I could feel my cracked skin begin to heal, but its speed is very slow. I am happy with that; as long as I am not exploding very next second or immediately turning into the Ghoul, I am fine with it.

I just wished I could get some release from this indescribable pain, but with every part of my body turning into the battlefield, the pain had not decreased but increased instead.

If not for my will to survive, this pain would have broken my mind, and the Ghouls who are chasing me would have torn me apart.

Over time, the amount of energy that wounds are sucking has increased dramatically, and with it, the number of Ghouls.

With a huge amount of Cosmic Energy entering inside me, Ive became some sort of torch that in just ten minutes, their numbers have increased by the hundred and now, there are about three hundred Ghouls that are chasing me.

In these past minutes, I have grown far stronger than I had imagined. Half of the Essense Energy had melted, and the increase they have given me phenomenal but far from enough for my body to heal from the Ghouls poison.

One petal of Miasmic Astral Rose contained a huge amount of energy, but with ten minutes, the Cosmic Energy had reduced it in half, and seeing the rate its quantity and quality increasing, it will take less tha

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