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Chapter 1396 - Diamond Seal

The change I had been expecting had happened; the injuries stopped releasing the Cosmic Energy into my body and began gathering inside them.

They are still sucking the Cosmic Energy at their ever-increasing pace, but they are not releasing inside me, which begin to burn my body further.

There is a sizable quantity of Herbal Essence in my body, the most powerful King Grade essence, and now there is no Cosmic Energy to counter it; it had turned on me at full force.

It had begun burning me from upside down, my body, my mana veins, everything under its assault, and if no cosmic energy has come to save then in about five minutes, this herbal essence will take my life.

It is the moment I was waiting for, the opportunity that will increase my chances of living my 50% than current less than 1%; the only thing I have to do is create a Diamond Seal.

And without wasting any more time, I begin to circulate my energy through the veins of Supreme Combat Exercise.

I currently have Nine Hundred and Eighty-Four Seals of Supreme Combat Exercise and need to create sixteen more. Creating the sixteen small seals before I explode or injuries take out their final weapon is going to be a real challenge.

For the past nine eight days, I had worked very hard to create the seals. The fear of Green Kings had made me push myself extremely hard; otherwise, it would have been impossible for me to create more than thirty seals within eight days, especially when my veins suppressed the Supreme Combat Exercise's circulation.

I had just completed the sixth circulation when my veins began to contract, seeing that I pushed the energy even harder as; further I go into circulation, the more time it will take me.

I pushed energy harder and harder; the pain of my body burning also helped a lot; it helped me negate all obstruction veins produced during circulation.

I channeled all the pain I am feeling into the circulation, and its speed increased again, and I had created a seal within twenty-five seconds, the fastest in the last eight days.

If it had been any other times, I would bee have proud of such speed, but now I could only curse 'slow' and begin to circulating at an even faster speed. Ive only have less than five minutes, and in it, I have to create sixteen seals.

It is an extremely difficult target, some might say near impossible, but I intend to achieve it, and for it, I begin to circulate as if there is no tomorrow.

Seal after Seal begins to form in my temple, and two minutes, six seals are created, which begin to spin with other four seals to create an Amethyst Seal.

I did not even look at the process and continued circulating, which suddenly became ten times harder; the veins have contracted so much that a tiny amount of energy passed through them, and even to do that, I had to use every out of my willpower.

The last ten seals are extremely hard to create, and I am hav

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