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Chapter 1359 - Saving

One hour more passed, and now beacon would shine at any moment call me back to the academy.

In this past hour, I have picked multiple desolate spots and sat waiting. Whenever a Ghoul come here, I would change my place.

The Ghouls disrupt the extraction, and I don't want to be close to them when the beacon on my wrist shine.


Minutes passed by, and I was hiding under the rock when my soul sense picked up a familiar aura.

Feeling it, my expressions couldn't help but change, and I immediately moved away from my spot and flew toward the feeling. I am quite familiar with this aura and the person it is coming from.


A minute after I got out, I begin to hear the roars of Ghouls and saw them moving toward the same direction as me, and the thing is, when I flew close to them, these Ghouls did not even look at me.

I first thought there is something wrong with the first Ghoul and intentionally flew close to the second one, but to my shock, the second Ghoul also did not look at me, and the same thing had happened with another Ghoul.

These three Ghouls are seemed to be moving toward aura with a single-minded focus that when I reached five meters close to them, they did not even look at me.

It gave me a very bad and increased my speed and flew toward the source of aura at my greatest speed. On the way, I saw many ghouls that are moving toward the aura with concentrated focus.

Seeing that, the bad feeling in my heart couldn't help but increase further, and I begin to wish nothing bad had happened to her.


A few minutes later, I saw the source of the aura, and as I saw it, I couldn't help but shiver from my core and curse loudly.

There I saw Elina covered in beautiful purple fire fighting against the nearly hundred Ghouls who are throwing themselves at her crazily without caring about the purple blade that is cutting one Ghoul after another.

The current Elina is more powerful than I had imagined, but she is still not able to contend against nearly a hundred Ghouls who are crazily throwing themselves at her from every direction, including up and below.

Her whole body is bloodied; there is no single space on her body that has not been bloodied, but despite that, she is fighting, and every second, her attacks are getting more and more powerful as the purple fire covering her getting denser and denser.

Even though she somehow is getting stronger every second, she will not be able to hold out for long as more and more Ghouls are joining in, attacking her as the intensity of purple energy increases, which is attracting more and more Ghouls.

Conforming it is Elina, I did not stop to think and flew straight toward her. If it had been anyone else, I would have stopped to think about it but seeing it is Elina; there is no need to do that.

Pachac Pachac Pachac…

Second, later, I reached above her, and sixteen vines were

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