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Chapter 1381 - Silver Pearl

Clang Khutch Khutch…

More and more injured begin to appear on its body, except for its head, neck, and heard; everything is getting injured, which does not affect it much; not to forget everything is healing at a crazy rate.

Khutch Khutch!


Suddenly my vines moved from its fatal spots and targeted its arms. Seeing that, 'O' couldn't help but formed on its lips and its cursed as it saw its impending doom.


At that exact moment, my third vines decapitated it as its Trident has become a little slow to defend.

Despite its huge experience, it had neglected to defend its hands, which were holding its weapon properly. I injured the hands with my two vines before targeting the neck, which I was not able to defend due to slight laxness in its hands.

As its neck decapitated, it turned into smoke like the rest of the Ghouls; the only difference is that the smoke it had turned into is Ghostly silver rather than the usual grey-black.

I caught its core and looked at it, which looked like the usual necrotic core except for a few faint silvery lines.


I was looking at it when I suddenly got a feeling from inside me; it is from Nero who wanted to eat it. It is the first time Nero reacted in months; ever since I had entered this ruin, Nero had been silent in his cacoon.

If it had been other times, I would have given it, but not now; I will use this necrotic core as soon as I reached home before coming back to fight more Silver Ghouls. The cores I will get from those Ghouls, I will feed them to Nero.

Chew Chew!

I had just thought that when suddenly Ashlyn chirped and came below. I landed on her gently, and we streaked across the ruin with the speed that any Silver Ghoul incapable of following.

Ashlyn and I had been daily practicing this move for the past month. After reading the diary, I know I needed a running move to incase I had come across the Ghoul, which I could not defeat.

Even the two excellencies had to run away from Ghouls when they were run, so there was nothing shameful about planning my running strategy.

This time was not practice run like before, six silver Ghouls were coming toward me, and I had to run like hell from them as with less than 5% energy remaining in my Tower's storage, I am no condition to fight them.

So, I ran away as I practiced for a month, and honestly, instead of feeling shame, I am feeling quite proud of myself for running away from those Silver Ghouls successfully.

"I assume you don't have any cores from the Silver Ghouls you killed, do you?" I asked Ashlyn.

Chew Chew!

She said no, seeing that I couldn't help but sigh.

Ashlyn had fought the Ghouls as she usually does and consumed their cores right after. Unlike me, who could only eat the 'Green Source' that contain in the Necrotic Core, Ashlyn could eat the whole core without any problem.

When I saw her doing that

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