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Chapter 1376 - Silver Ghoul I

"Any time now," I said gently to Ashlyn as I looked at Ghoul a few hundred meters in front of me.

I have been following this Ghoul for the past hour to witness the change that will happen any minute.

It had been three months since I had entered this ruin, and today, all will be the day all the Ghouls will be transformed into the Silver Ghouls.

The diary had noted that it is quite a scene to watch and not to forget fighting it. There is quite a vivid description of the Silver Ghouls, and reading it, my fighting spirit couldn't help but get aroused.

I had made huge progress since the day I had entered this ruin; there was no single day in which I had not made substantial progress.

Currently, I am at the high level of Prince Stage and have an extremly strong body; not only that, I have made huge progress in Supreme Combat Exercise and created eight hundred and seventy-six seals of Supreme Combat Exercise, just twenty-four seals away from the ninth amethyst seal.

My Supreme Combat Exercise progress went better than I had thought; at each practice session, I would at least create five small seals.

I have come very closes to target; I now will need to create one and hundred and twenty-four seals more to have a Diamond Seal, but it will not be easy, especially after I created the ninth Amethyst Seal.


I was again daydreaming about the 'Dimond Seal' when I felt change begin the Cosmic Energy.

Its suppressive might begin to increse rapidly and with it, its density. I could feel the night growing darker and darker as the stars in the sky grew dimmer and dimmer.

As it was happening, the chest of the Ghoul which I was following begin to glow ghostly silver light, and that ghostly silver light begin to spread through its body, till its whole body begin to shine in ghostly silver light.

It is not the only one; I could see silverly dots of all sizes begin to light up. These dots are Ghouls who are a distance away from me.

As the power and density of Cosmic Energy increased, the ghostly silver radiance on the Ghouls have also increased till only a big ball of silvery light remained of the Ghouls in front of me and nothing else.

"300%," I muttered in shock as I saw the big ball of ghostly sliver light dimming down. The power and density of Cosmic Energy have increased by three times, which f.u.c.k.i.n.g huge.

I have seen what happened when Comsic Energy double and how much change it brought in the strength of Ghouls, and this time, the change will be even more tremendous.

As this Ghouls will not only get a tremendous upgrade in strength, but their intelligence would also come with the par of that humans.

Till now, the intelligence of Ghouls was increasing every day, but now it had become par with humans, which will make Ghouls even more fearsome and if these silver Ghoul as strong as the diary describe them to be then fighting them, I will

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