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Chapter 1378 - Silver Ghoul III

"Thousand Wave Tsunami!" It said slowly and attacked.

Its trident has completely disappeared, and waves took its place; these waves are so vivid that if the normal person to see it, they would think of it as the real wave, not something created with the energy.

I couldn't help but get shocked seeing the wave; the Art had ten levels, from level one to level 10, at level, the waves increased by hundred and now since had summoned a thousand waves means, it is using the last level.

Even powerful Kings could not do that, forget the energy requirement; the main reason they could not do it was because of the comprehension it required; usually, one needed to be Tyrant Level or at least Emperor before they get such a level of comprehension in the Art.

It is barely able to use this last move of this Art; most of the energy this attack came from the worldly energy, which again shocking thing as controlling such amount of worldly energy beyond the most King.

Still, this attack is extremely powerful, so powerful that my six vines would barely stand against it for more than a second, and I might be flung away by it in a very wretched state if I did not do anything soon.

Sup Sup Sup…

Seeing I have no choice, I summoned out more vines, and soon there are twenty-four beautiful crystalline vines in front of me, ready to defend against me such a powerful attack.

Clang Clang Clang Clang…

The waves begin crashing against the vines; they are a force of nature wanting to tear anything that came into their way. My vines looked quite delicate in front of such ferocious waves.

The looked like a glass vase in front of torrential waves; one would think it would be turned into dust at first clash, but my delicate looking vines faced the waves head-on without cracking.

One wave after another clashed against my vines, but not a single of them could do anything against them, but this just a starting as only three hundred some waves crashed against my wines, and there are quite a lot more have remained and dealing with them is going to be a challenge.

More and more waves crashed when my vines begin to shake, but they started to get pushed back; seeing I am in a precarious state, I weaved the vines in pair of two. The vines begin to third around in pair, and soon twenty-four vines turned into twelve.

As the vines weaved, they stopped getting pushed back and begin to fight back against the vines. Weaving them together had increased their strength many folds, and the beginning to deal with the vines with the newfound energy.

My vines and waves fought, for a while, my vines have gained the upper hand and moved toward the waves, but as the more waves clashed, the more powerful they have become and again begin to push back vines.

Seeing such results, I again weaved the vines together and turned twelve vines into the six and clashed them against the waves that have become ev

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