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Chapter 1383 - Again I

After I finished dinner, I laid on the couch and closed my eyes to my Inheritance Place.

Every day, I spent at least three hours working in my inheritance place, working on my Inheritance. It is extremely important; I might say it is important as my fighting the Ghouls every day.

Only proper Inheritance will help me deliver the strength I acc.u.mulate every day, and it is important for me to keep working on my Inheritance every day.

Currently, I am working on the two sets of Inheritances, first is an upgrade that will take me to Peak of King Stage, and the second is a big upgrade for King stage, and it is big.

It is in the developing phase, but it is already above what Ive decided to before entering this Ruin. I am applying many concepts in the King Stage of my Inheritance that I had never thought I would.

If the end product became what I have in mind, then I will have to strengthen my body and soul to an unbelievable degree.

The King Stage Inheritance of mine is going to be extremely demanding on my body and soul. If I did not have a body and soul strong enough, then it might crush me to death as soon as I summoned it.

In King Stage Inheritance, I am not only upgrading all the other moves I have to a huge degree but also I am creating a completely different move set, which will be amazing.

This Inheritance, if materialized going to make me extremely powerful, and that is what I need to face the Green Kings who extremely powerful.

I worked in my Inheritance Space for twelve hours, which is three hours outside, before taking out my Tome and spent two hours with it, which hundreds of hours inside.

Even after hundreds of hours of trying inside, I could not perfect the recipe I am working on.

"Its time to hunt some Ghouls," I said as I put back the Tome inside my storage and walked out of my abode. I am now ready to face another ghoul.

"Ashlyn, find me some Ghoul to fight!" I asked Ashlyn, who chirped enthusiastically before flying in the air. Ashlyn had a greater range than me, and the cosmic energy of this Ruin is not suppressing her senses, which makes her an amazing scout.

Chirp Chirp!

Ashlyn did not disappoint me; she returned with good news in less than five minutes. "Good Girl!" I praised her before flying toward the direction of the Ghoul she had mentioned.

Five minutes later, I reached near the Ghoul and sensed me as soon I breached half kilometer range.

This Ghoul is women, I don't know why I am surprised seeing that, but I am. If not for her necrotic aura and ghostly silver skin, she would have been a beautiful woman in her early twenties.


It said and came toward me with a speed that is faster than the Ghoul I had fought yesterday. I am not surprised; more than twelve hours had passed since I had fought against the Ghoul; it is enough time to increase their strength by 10%, which is huge compare to me.

I had

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