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Chapter 1363 - Ghoulification

A huge amount of cosmic energy begins pouring into injuries made by the Ghouls, completely destroying the seals Ive made with rule-breaking power. There is no obstruction to this energy; nothing can stop it.

As it entered inside my body, it had directly begun its assault on me. It divided itself into two parts; one is to seep every part of my body and start the necrotic process of turning me into the Ghoul, while another part is used to fight against any defense my body had.

I could see its clashing against the natural defenses of my body, tearing them down one by one. It is not only tearing down natural defense but artificial ones too, like the essence ive in my stomach.

I had consumed a big bottle of essence a second before the homing band light up, so I had the raging amount of herbal essence in my stomach, but now there is barely anything has remained; the cosmic energy had melted it all.

There are two crises I have to deal with, first is the Ghouls that are chasing me, and the second is Ghoul I am becoming.

At the rate I am refining energy through my Refining Tower, I am confident that even in my weakened state, I could run away from Ghouls, or at least not let them catch me anytime soon.

So, the real problem is for me to deal with is the Ghoulification process I am going through, and Ive has to be very quick about it.

A huge amount of energy is coming inside me, and at the rate, it is increasing, I have less than five minutes to deal with or lessen its effects before it became irreversible.

It is extremely hard to survive from the Ghoulification; normally, once you got injured, you will turn into a Ghoul within few minutes, and in the thousands of years, there had less than ten people that had survived from it.

There is a clear record of how they survived, but I couldn't replicate their methods as these methods were special to their Inheritances and Bloodlines.

Still, all hope is not lost; there is a method to survive the Ghoulification, and it is very simple. It is to make the body strong enough that Ghoul Poison that is sucking energy through me would turn powerless against it, and injury would heal on its own.

Just like how the body deals with poison, curses, and other types of injuries. The method may simple; it is extremely, extremely hard, and dangerous with how the rate of Cosmic Energy and power increasing at every second.

The Ghoul's strongest attack lies in their poison, and it is hundreds of times harder to deal with than the Ghouls Physical attacks.

Now, coming to the technicalities of the solution to this Ghoul Poison, which said that I have to make my body strong enough that it will deal with it as it does with normal injuries.

The problem with that is that I have to make my body extremely strong very quickly; I would have most hour or two if my body continuously grows strong; later than that, the amount of Cosmic Energy w

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