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Chapter 1380 - Silver Ghoul V

"You seemed quite tired." The Silver Ghoul said tauntingly; I just looked at it before continued fighting.

Fourteen hours have passed since I had started fighting, and it is now using its eighth fighting style.

All eight of these fighting styles are different from others, making it very dangerous for me when it suddenly changes into a different fighting style.

Four times, I had nearly survived by less than an inch against its Trident; one time, it had nearly pierced through my head. If not for me moving away in time, I would have really been stabbed, which would have been very bad for me.

Not only that, despite furiously refining mana every second, my mana is continuously declining. I am using more of it, and I am refining and have only 40% of it remaining in my Refinement Tower's storage.

Still, these fourteen hours were not completely wasteful; I have been studying all its fighting styles very carefully. Even if they seemed very different from each of them, they all stem from one core, and studying its different fighting style, I have got a glimpse of its core.

I had not thought I would be able to do this fast, but I did, and now I will have to study that core further before, but I have to be faster.

My energy is draining slowly, and if I hastily launched a full-power attack and failed, then there will be hell to pay, and that is what this Silver Ghoul is counting on.

It wants to empty my energy storage; that way, I will not have any energy to deal with its offense, and it will able to finish me off easily.

An hour more passed, and I lost 5% more percent of energy; not only that, but I have also dodged two killing blows. It had not changed its fighting style, its just that as I am studying it, it had also been studying me, and when it saw a hole in my defense, it went for it.

Now, after fifteen hours of fighting, I see a chance to defeat it; I am not 100% sure it will work, but I have no other choice but to try it, seeing the energy I am losing every second.

'First Boost!'

Seeing I couldn't waste any more time, I activated the first boost. The flood of energy released from my Refinement Tower and filled the twelve formations that are over my body, which made that energy boiling and spread through all the runes.

It did not take over a moment for 'First Boost' to activate; in the previous upgrade, I had worked hard on improving the power and timing of 'First Boost.' And I can say my efforts were fruitful, seeing how quickly it activated and filled me with power.

It might not sense the power filling me, but it had sensed the change in me that 'First Boost' brought and immediately got alert but being alert is not enough to save it from my attacks.

As the power-filled me, I transferred it all to my four vines, and immediately they started glowing as they whipped toward the Silver Ghoul.

Clang Clang Clang…

The vines moved at nearly

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