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Chapter 1336 - Battling Spider VIII

As I finished cutting thirty-seven spiders, I looked around me and saw more than a hundred spiders have passed through my vines' barricade and now almost of upon me; seeing that smile on my face couldn't help but turn into the serious expressions.

The numbers of Spiders are greater than I could handle; currently, I could see barely handly forty Spiders, and that is when they did not make any change across their strategy seeing my attack.

Against more than a hundred spiders, I don't think I could deal with them using my sword. More than half of them would evade my sword and crash on my body, which I do not want to see.

Till now, the spiders that came toward me have wanted to crash across my body; that was their only aim. They did not try any long-range attacks of threads or the purple fire, which meant letting them crash on my body would not be a good thing.

"It looked like it is time to use that," I said in my mind as I looked at all the spiders that have surrounded me; not a single one has left behind in their original positions.

Seeing that, I activated my move, and the next moment, huge rose petals came out of nowhere and formed a rose around me; this happened so fast that even Spiders have got surprised by it.

It is not only one who could pull out a sneaky move; I had already spread the roses when I had defended against

The Rose of Roses Refinement still has twelve petals, but their size is far bigger; the Rose created by these petals is huge; it had covered two hundred meters distance, trapping all the spiders within.


As the Rose assembled, it instantly created the suppression domain and being shackling and weakening the enemy immediately. Its effect was so great that the eyes of all the Spiders nearly popped out of their sockets.

Kach Kach Kach…

Using the suppression created by the rose refinement, I moved my sword toward the Spiders and began to harvest their lives and as if they are grass.

The spiders resisted by changing their course and burning themselves to power up their defensive method further, but it was no use; under the suppressive power of the rose refinement, all of them have weakened enough that MY sword was able to kill them without a problem.

Like all my moves, the 'Rose Refinement' has also received a huge upgrade. I have also overhauled its formation and added the weakening effect in the suppression, and it is working better than I had expected.

The Spider is a powerful being, and my domain was able to weaken the Spiders to this degree is a big thing. This power is not only due to the amazing Inheritance I am creating but also due to my Constitution, which is getting stronger, every day.

The painful practice I do every day is not only strengthening my body and soul but also rousing up more potential from my Constitution; through everyday practice, my Constitution is getting stronger and stronger every

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