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Chapter 1322 - Sudden Change

"I'll be damned; you really can heal a King," Ben said in amazement; I too smiled as I really did it. Though I knew I would be able to do it, still there was a little bit of doubt in my heart, and that too vanished with me healing the balm man.

"Congratulations, you have been completely healed," I said to the balm man as I removed the vines from his body.

The bald man just nodded absentmindedly as if he could not believe he had been completely healed and checking every inch of his body to be sure.

"Can you heal only one King at Time?" Ben asked suddenly; he asked the right question. If I could heal only one King at a time, I would be better served in Prince Ward, where I could heal a hundred every few minutes.

"No, I should be able to heal four with similar speed," I replied; a surprise flashed in his eyes, but soon there was regret in his eyes. " You are better served in the Prince Ward, though Kings are important, they are not important enough to sacrifice more twenty times more Princes." He said.

He is right, Kings are important, but so are the princes, especially the Princes, who entered this Realm. All of them are above average and have an above 90% chance of reaching King Stage.

"I am going to apply for a special ward for you, where you will treat the patients that are in an extremely serious condition and would die within minutes." " It will have both Prince and Kings as patients but with off-course Princes as a majority; how is this idea sound to you?" He asked.

"Its a good idea," I said, like the idea very much; through the wards, I am working is such as their suggestions, but I could only heal one stage of patients in them.

Though I wholly agree I will best use against healing the Princes, I still want to heal the Kings as that where the challenge is and where I could learn something. So, having the complete ward to myself is a good idea despite me will getting more pressure on my head.

It is one thing working with a ward with different healers and having complete ward to oneself and has full responsibility for it.

"Do you want to come back to 33 or try the healing group of Kings first?" Ben asked, "I will try Kings first." I said and made him opened the protective energy of the four beds.

I was able to heal the four patients together, it was quite straining, and the energy I needed to do that was so humongous that I was nearly drained at the end of the healing session.

Feeling the necessity of greater storage, I had to try to breach the 3rd Layer of the Tower for quite a while, but it is damn difficult; but seeing how healing four Kings have nearly drained me, I will have to try harder for the 3rd Layer of the refinement tower.

There I will get not only greater energy storage but also purer energy, which will make healing easier and faster.

Another eleven days have passed, and now it had been nearly twenty days since I have come to

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