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Chapter 1355 - Pain and Benefits


I scremed louder as the searing heat I am feeling burrowed deeper and deeper into me. This searing heat seemed to burn me alive from my deepest core, and there is nothing I could but scream.

Once this resource is taken, there is no way to stop its assault; the pain it gives is mind breaking that it has broken the minds of hundreds of people, those with a strong will could bear its assault.

It is why the academy instructed us not to consume these resources here; they should only be consumed in the presence of the Tyrant Powerhouse, as Tyrants have the power to stop the assault of it.

As Ive said, this green source is extremely dangerous, not only to the mind but also to the body. The veins, the most delicate part of the body, and only veins of Kings are powerful enough to bear the assault of it.

With the months of refining, my veins have grown quite stronger to bear the use of this 'Green Source.' I had done great research on the effect of the 'Green Source,' and if I were not confident about body and soul, I would not have dared to consume it.

I may be a little suicidal, but I am not an idiot who will intentionally damage his own body and veins.

After got knows how long, I felt the searing heat receding and receded at a rapid pace that within a minute, all the pain have desspeared, leaving behind the body which bathed in grey sweat that smelled awful.

The first thing I did was check the time, and when I saw the time, a smile couldn't get helo but appear on my face.

The process, which looked like it had lasted for hours, had only lasted for little more than three minutes, but in three minutes, the effects it gives were beyond amazing.

I could feel the visible increase in my strength; if I am not wrong, this single drop of 'Green Source' has increased my large strength margin.

If I were to guess, then its increase will be comparable to ten days of regular practice where I refine my body and soul three times a day, and all it took is three minutes.

Ive even got a bonus of cleansing; the searing heat had even cleansed my body of impurities, which is a great thing as once one reached above the Knight, it is very difficult to find the resources methods help in cleansing the body and soul.

I checked my body thoroughly before walking into the shower; when I finished, I dried myself with my ability and looked myself in the mirror. Others may not see the change in me, but I did as I know what I was looking for.

The 'Green Source' is a true forging resource; the body is like a rough iron, and it is a blacksmith. It affects every part of one, from willpower, soul to blood, flesh, and bones, everything.

Regular consumption of 'Green Source' tends to make the body fitter; it burned fat and other unnecessary things that the body does not need and makes one leaner with each use.

If one continued using the 'Green Source,' do not eat prop

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