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Chapter 1345 - Return II

Two hours, this is how much time I needed to pass the gate. As I entered the gates, they took me to a separate building and began to question me. It is not only me that they are doing this too, but all the others who had come from the realm.

It was a good thing I had talked to the humans outside, so I know all the answers to their questions.

My experience was completely different from others; while others have gotten completely unconscious once the jelly enveloped then, I, on the other hand, survived that treatment and went to tendril Spear and fought with the Spider before helping Ashlyn and Hidden Being absorb all the energy that Spider has.

Ting Ting Ting…

My holowatch burst out with notifications as the seal on it lifted, filled with hundreds of emails and texts from my parents, teachers, friends, and Mira. There are nearly a hundred texts and emails from the Mira.

Seeing those emails and texts, I wanted to talk to my parents and teacher, but I texted them about my safe return and promised to them in a few hours before I called Mira.

Tring Tri

Her holowatched ringed, and at the second ring, she picked it up, and her beautiful face appeared in front of my eyes, her face which I had missed so much.

"You have returned." She said as she picked up the call; I could see the tears forming in her eyes as she said it.

"Yes, I have," I replied, and a moment of silence appeared, its not that we don't have much to talk about; it is the opposite; there is so much to talk about that we don't know where to start.

"Where are you?" she asked finally, "In front of your building," I replied; instead of going toward my quarters, I directly come to hers.

"Come in as quickly as possible." She said, and I nodded; this time, I wished I could fly to her quarters without entering the lobby, but unfortunately, this could only be done in emergencies.

I quickly went to the lobby, appeared beside the elevator, and boarded it as soon as its door opened. A moment later, the elevator begins ascending and stopped two seconds later; it stopped on Mira's floor.


As the elevator door opened, I disappeared from it and appeared next to the door of Mira's quarters, which opened as I appeared next to it.

Mira's face appeared in front of me as she opened the door, she looked exquisite as always, and now she is wearing the black pajamas that looked wonderful on her.

"I miss you." We said that at the same time, and the next moment our lips touched, we began kissing.

The kiss filled with longing we have for each other; I pour all the emotions I had a feeling for her, I bare all the feelings Ive had for her in the kiss.

A few minutes later, our clothes begin to fly out of our bodies, and sounds of rapid breaths and m.o.a.ns rang across the whole apartment. There were no words spoken between us; only our bodies spoke what our hearts want to convey.

"I missed

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