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Chapter 1347 - A Lot

"Your parents are nice, and your sister looked so much cuter than her picture." She said as she sat back on her seat, hearing that I couldn't help but smile but soon, my smile turn turned a little awkward when she mentioned rose.

Rose has always been a nice girl; even with strangers, she talked politely, but she was not that polite; it is the first I saw my cute little sister behave like this.

"I am sorry for Rose; she has always been a polite girl; this is the first time I have seen her behave like this," I said.

"Maybe she is afraid I will take her precious brother from her," she said mischievously, "Noo, she wouldn't think that, would she?" I disagreed but a moment later couldn't but feel the doubt about it.

"Little sisters are very protective of their older brothers," Mira said as she took the bite from her half-empty plate. I wanted to argue with her about that, but no words have come out of my mouth to argue.

Soon we finished dinner, and after an hour of talking, our intense exercise has begun that filled every part of the apartment with m.o.a.ns; the m.o.a.ns lasted for a few hours before they fall silent before they begin to ring through the apartment again.

The whole night and some part of the day passed in complete bliss, but like all things, some things have to end, at least for a short while.

"I wish you did not have to go," I said to Mira as I looked at her fully armored body; she looked so amazing in it that I wanted to tear it off from her.

"Mission." She said; hearing that, I couldn't help but sigh. She is unwilling to go to, but there are certain responsibilities that we all have to full; we could not run away from them, no matter how much we want to.

"I will miss you," I said as I took her lips into mine, which lasted for quite a while before we finally let go.

"See you tomorrow, babe." She said and flew toward ger city gates; I looked at her till she disappeared from my eyes before I flew toward my quarters.

There is so much for me to do today; I have to go to the hospital before going to the Administration to collect the resources in exchange for the contribution Ive made in the realm.

Like Mira had said, my contribution did not go anywhere; they have asked me to come to them in the evening to exchange the contribution.


"Home, Sweet Home," I said as I entered my quartered finally. The day had been far busier than I had expected; I planned to come to my apartment in the afternoon after a few hours of healing, but the patients were far more than I had imagined.

The hidden being has dumped the millions of people around a few small outposts, which usually do not have more than fifty thousand people. Not only city have crowded due to it but so are the hospital.

I had been healing nonstop for a whole day and only able to get away in the evening; even then, I had not returned to the apartment directly but went to adventur

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