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Chapter 1330 - Battling Spider II

Feeling the danger, I activated all the speed formations I could in my Armor and moved away.


As I moved away, I felt the very faint sound of something piercing through the air and light wind across my face.

When I looked, what had given me such an intense sense of danger, I was surprised to find it a pink crystalline spider thread or silk as they call it. It very thin, thinner than my hair, but there is no question in my mind about what would have had happened to me if such fine thread had pierced through me.

Spider silk is known for its strength; a normal thread of any spider monster is five times stronger than the normal steel, and this thread is not from the normal Spider but Spider Organism that came from the wast cosmos.

Sup Sup Sup…

"You are quite intuitive to dodge my thread." The Spider's voice rang out in my mind, and the next moment, I saw thousands of spider silks coming toward me with a speed that would only be called 'extreme.'

Seeing thousands of crystalline silken threads coming toward me, my expressions couldn't help but turn serious. If the last attack had been like the blade of an assassin that came in silence, then this is a full-blown assault that one does need to hide.

The runes inside me lit up, and I moved away from my spot with far greater speed than before. The earlier attack had caught me off guard as I was stuck in emotions, which is likely why The Spider uttered those words, to catch me off guard.

Whether those words are true or not, I will think about their authenticity later. I have pushed those emotions back of my mind and was fully focused on Spider, which I have to kill since it had launched an attack with the intention of killing me.

Sup Sup Sup…

I dodge the attack of the thousands of spider silks. They may be extremely fast, but I am not a slow loach either, especially since I had leveled up to the Prince Stage, where I got the huge upgrade.

Ever since I had leveled up, I had wanted to fight a strong opponent, but I did not a chance due to my duty in the hospital, but now I got it, and it is an extremely strong enemy that wants to kill me.

It is a perfect opponent I could ask for.


I dodge the strings, but these strings have not disappeared; but instead, they spread and weave among themselves to form a net before coming at me with even faster speed.


I again dodge the attack, and this time by a large margin. "Your strings are too slow; try something faster." I teased as I appeared on my last spot on the rock.

Sup Sup Sup…

My teasing seemed to anger it very much as its glowed darkly as it looked at me. "Every prey says the same before it caught in the web of the spider." It said and launched the attack, and this time it had launched nearly ten thousand strings which are coming at me with the precision and speed of the extremely thin dart.

Seeing the thousands of

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