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Chapter 1335 - Battling Spider VII

Seeing a thousand spiders coming at me, a smile couldn't help but appear on my face; I had been waiting for something challenging, and these spiders are very challenging.

I waved my hand, and all the tree hundred petals came back to me. I am not going to use my defensive methods against these spiders; it is too passive even for me; I am going to face them head-on.

"First Boost!"

I finally activated the first boost; as I did, thick energy begins to spread around my body, increase my strength by multiple times but is far from enough to deal with these vengeful spiders.

After activating the 'First Boost.' I poured a huge amount of energy into my sword and activated both of its enchantment of my sword at their full power. Simultaneously, twelve crystalline vines released from my back; all these vines have a very fine pointy edge that could pierce through anything.

The nonstop healing of neverending patients has improved my control a lot that now I could control twelve vines as my limbs. Though I could easily summon more than hundreds of vines, the quantity would not help much against these spiders.

The slight surprise flashed on the eyes of the blazing Spiders, but that did not stop their charge; it instead has made their speed even greater, that they have appeared in front of next second.

"Die Human!"

They shouted in my mind, which was no less than a powerful assault, and charged at me, but before they could come close to my body, they met with my twelve vines, which moved at 360 like the Spider.

The spiders have decided to attack me from all directions; they have covered me from all the directions that I could barely see anything outside. If others were to see me from a distance, they would see me getting caged inside the ball of purple fire.

My vines moved at the coming Spider's at an unbelievable speed; they are getting the power of the 'First Boost,' which I had improved tremendously in this upgrade and now could provide me with far more power.

Clang Clang Clang…

My vines clashed against the spiders in swift speed, stopping all the spiders that are trying to come toward me while trying to pierce their extremely sharp end into the spiders, but these sharp ends were only able to make a scratch on the crystal skin of these pink spiders.

I am not surprised seeing that it is a powerful cosmic being. Even if even it is suppressed that it could not even show its fraction of power, it is still an extremely powerful enemy that will need me to give my hundred percent and need some luck to kill it.

Clang Clang Clang…

A second after a thousand Spiders clashed against my vines, the tense of blazing Spiders sneak through the tight defense of my vines; seeing that smile on my face couldn't help but brighten up.

I had never expected my vines to keep all the blazing Spiders at bay, I am only using them to keep the Spiders' flow controlled, or

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