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Chapter 1326 - Sphear

"The F.u.c.k!"

I had barely able to stop myself from cursing out loudly, seeing the wonder in front of me; it is extremely beautiful and looked like a piece of Modern Art.

In front of me is a huge pink Crystalline Sphear, made of thousands of pink tendrils. It is huge, with a diameter of more than two thousand meters. It is a purely crystalline state; no proof of semi-liquid jelly could be seein it.

In the dark night, its shining gentle, which is making it look even more beautiful. The Grimm Monsters groups have stopped before the sphere and now looking at it intently as they talked among themselves.

They spent nearly an hour talking before they went; the first went in was a team of Blue Armored Grimm Monsters. Of eighty-four Grimm Monsters that came around, only three are Emperor Stage, and they are wearing Aqua Blue Grimm Suits.

With Emperor Stage Grimm Monsters going, the Kings followed soon and Princes and Duke after that.

I looked around for a few minutes before going asked Ashlyn to find a way for us to hide from the Grimm Monsters' eyes.

The suits of Grimm Monsters help them hide from the sense of it, but it also restricts them from using their soul. Ive never seen them using the soul sense of their, Ashlyn had gone very close to them, and they were not able to detect her at all.

She had gone close to the Grimm Monsters hundreds of times, but they were not able to detect her; even Emperor Stage was not able to detect her when she had entered three hundred meters range of them.

While they could not use their soul sense, Ashlyn and I could, I don't know what way she uses, but I used my rule-bending, which made my soul sense invisible to other senses, including that of the soul.

So, I have no problem using the soul, but after entering inside, I will refrain from using it once I entered inside.


Soon, Ashlyn found us a perfect way, and a few minutes later, I landed on the outer tendril but gently flying inside without making any noise. The Grimm Monsters may not be able to use the soul sense, but they still have powerful physical senses, which I have to be extremely careful.

I don't think I could match against the Kings and especially Emperors. If it is King, I might run away, but against the Emperors, I will not even able to do that; I will be killed before I even know it, so I have to be extremely careful.

I moved slowly and following behind the Duke Stage Grimm Monsters that are not far away from me.

The Grimm Monsters are extremely careful, Ive never see them this careful before. Each of their steps is measured, and they are not even chatty like before and are only talking in sign language.

I moved from one tendril to another slowly while looking for any change that might come harmful to me. To my surprise, there is nothing that seemed harmful here; I am not even getting a feeling of danger, and that is the most dangerouns thing

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