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Chapter 1340 - Fighting Kings I

Ever since I had leveled up, I had always wanted to fight the King Stage powerhouse. I have fought against the Spider, which was extremely powerful but could not be considered a King Stage powerhouse.

These two, however, are real King Stage powerhouses and above-average ones, too, since they are in the Miasmic Forest, and I want to fight against them, to see how I go against them.

Seeing them looking at me so intently to guess my level, I sneakily released my aura to let them know what my level is. I am sure as they sensed my aura, there will be rapid reaction from them.

"Die, Human!"

As I had expected as they sensed my level, one Iron Bearman came at me without wasting any time as it had brought down its seven meters long thick steel staff at me, wanting to crush me into the bloody paste.

A smile couldn't get helo but appeared on my face as I saw the staff coming at me, and when it was one meter above me, my sword appeared in my hand and moved up at the blurring speed.


A faint clang rang out as my sword clashed against the big staff; not only the sound was faint, but there was no shockwave as well that stiffened the expression of Iron Bearman further.

I have used swallowing rule power to such the sound and also shockwave; I don't want my fight to attract too much attention.

"Yret, this human is not simple." The Iron Bearman said to another as it took its staff back; the Iron Bearman named Yret nodded and appeared beside its friend and looked at me with more scrutinizingly.

I just looked at them with a smile while observing every part of them to their intense gaze. These Iron Bearmen are big; they are about eight meters tall and beefy, with every part of their body covered with grey iron natural Armor.

One of them is holding a seven-meter long steel staff which had runes carved over them, while the other one has five meters long silver hammer which had a flat and spiky head on either side.

The silent standoff lasted for more than ten seconds when suddenly both of the Grimm Monsters moved simultaneously with their bodies glowing brightly and aura rising sharply.

These Iron Bearmen did not have any intention to hold back from the start, which is fine by me; the more power they will show, the more data I will able to collect, and if they turned out more powerful than I could handle, then I could always run, but I don't think, I will need to use that option.

Both of them appeared next to me and attacked me with their sword, the power behind their attack so amazing that the air had turned red hot as it collided against it.

Seeing their attacks close, I finally made my move, but it is not my sword that moved but the two vines that came out of my back.


When I saw the vines, I couldn't help but feel surprised. My vines have come out in Alendratite; earlier, they used to be a colorless crystal that used to look like an eme

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