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Chapter 1328 - Touching

The Delicate Spider had opened its eyes, and seeing the rage in those tiny eyes; I couldn't help but shudder; it is like an inferno contained on those little eyes.

As the Spider opened its eyes, the miasma has become even wilder and began to sweep every inch of the space; at the same time, the crystalline tendrils begin to move toward the Grimm Monsters.

The other Grimm Monsters are still struggling on the floor, but the Emperor Stage Grimm Monsters have seemed to get in control.


The Three Emperor Stage have disappeared in front of my eyes as they begin to run, but a moment later, I saw them again, and this time they screaming wildly.

I saw them in mid-air, with their big bodies pierced in the crystalline tendrils. The scene looked beautiful as well as grizzly, seeing pink background pink crystalline tendrils doing the work.

It had not only pierced through the bodies of Emperor Stage Grimm Monsters but also other Grimm Monsters who were on the ground screaming, and now it is sucking them up at an extremely fast speed that it only took a second Duke to dried husk and two more seconds for Prince.

The kings lasted for eight seconds and Emperors for fifteen before all of them turned into a husk; it is finish as soon as it begins.

I watched in horror as a husk of Grimm Monsters floated among the wild miasma; some even came toward me. I wanted to react so badly, but I stayed unmoving on my spot like a statue.

Seconds passed as Spider looked everywhere with its terrifying eyes, I don't know how long it kept its eyes open, but when it closed them, I was finally able to heave a sigh of relief.


As it closed them, the whole sphere buzzed, and the next moment, I saw a flood of energy coming toward the Spider from all the tendrils. If before it was like a trickle, now it is like a torrent.

It had seemed to lost intentions of going slow; it is now sucking the Grimm Monsters we all its speed, and it horrifying.

I could see a humongous amount of energy entering the small spear, nearly ten times more than before, and the small Spider is sucking it all; there is no delay in sucking; as soon as energy entered the small sphere, it gets immediately sucked by the delicate Spider.

Seeing the speed it is sucking, it would not take it more than twenty minutes to suck off all the Grimm Monsters, and after that, it will be the turn of humans.

I want to do something, but I don't know what I could do; I have seen how the Emperors have been caught and sucked off within a mere second, so if they don't have a chance, then how could I.

If I acted without any thoughts, I would just be going to be its food, and I don't want that. I do not fear sacrificing myself to save the millions of humans, but I want that sacrifice to have some meaning; I do not want to perform as a useless sacrifice.

"PLACE YOUR HANDS ON LITTLE SPHEAR," Said the hidden being inside m

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