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Chapter 1349 - Returning I

"Wow, it is quite a beautiful airship," I said as Mira took out a Violet color airship; this was the ship lean and small and looked extremly elegant.

It is the smallest airship Ive ever seen and also the most unconventional one. It is just ten meters long compared to corvettes, is at least twenty meters long, and unlike the other airsh.i.p.s, this airship does not have engines outside.

If not for Mira telling me this is an airship, I would have throught it is just a beautiful looking egg size modern art that one finds in the museums.

"Shall we," Mira said, and the door materialized out of the airship; it is small enough that one person could pass through it comfortably and have a faint energy layer covering it, so I could not see what is inside.

I walked toward the airship feeling quite excited; I am sure this is not a product of our world; we are not advanced enough to produce something like this.


I said as I passed through the energy screen and entered the airship; I was prepared to get surprised but not this surprised. The inside of the airship is nothing like what it seemed.

The inside of it is huge, five times more than what it seemed outside; twenty people could comfortably sit here without feeling restraint, and a couple of doors I see at the end also seemed to hide some surprises.

The interior of the airship is white and has comfortable chairs and couches place in strategic places, which made space looks bigger than it usually is.

"Impressed?" Mira asked as she appeared beside me, "Very much." I said. It is not an airship but a flying space type above, which is way rarer than the normal space abodes.

"I was lucky enough to find it in a ruin," She said with a happy smile. She is very lucky; it is quite difficult to find such a treasure.

"Let's start our journey then." She said as she sat on my lap, and the next moment, I felt a slight light feeling coming over me as the airship shot into the sky like an arrow; if I saw the scenery passed swiftly in the window, I would have thought the airship is flying at slow speed.

Through this airship, it will take me five days to reach the Academy. It could go faster, but we have decided to go a little slow as it will be a month before we will meet again.

It had been three days since the teacher's call; I was going to leave for the very next day seeing it takes ten days to reach the Academy, and even I would have had the only day before I had entered the Ruin.

Now, I will have a week full to make all the preparations to enter the Ruin. The resource site is barren, but it is extremely dangerous; I don't know what that danger is but from what Elina had told me, it is extremely dangerous.

"So, what do you want to do?" Mira asked with her face directly in front of me, our noses are literally touching, and lips are just inches apart.

"I could think of a couple of things," I said and took h

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