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Chapter 1356 - Rapidly Advancing I

"Charles and Georgia!" I muttered the names of the young man and women who are fighting against the three ghouls.

I don't know them personally, but I have read their info from the information that the teacher had provided. Both of them are members of the academy and are at the Initial King level with above-average strength.

Now they are desperately fighting against the three Ghouls; seeing the three ghouls, I couldn't help but feel jealous. Here, I was searching for a single Ghoul for more than an hour, and they have already found three.

Shaking my head in disappointment, I acted, and the next moment, twelve vines erupted from the ground and climbed across the bodies of the Ghouls; within a second, all three Ghouls are completely bound, without having the strength to move even an inch.

Seeing the Ghouls being bound in Alexandrite vines, a look of shock appeared on Charlie and Georgia's face.

"Are you guys fine?" I asked as I appeared beside them; the shock on their faces eased, but soon surprise flashed across their eyes, seeing it is me.

Most people in the academy considered me the healer; even if I have quite a high battle strength, they still considered me a healer. The main reason for it that I am a Headmistress student who is a Healer.

Not to mention, whenever the teacher mentioned me, she always praises my healing abilities and intentionally omits my prowess, which unconsciously makes people consider me as a healer, especially the ones from the academy.

"Thank You, Micheal, for saving us. If not for you, we would have definitely turned into the ghouls." Thanked Georgina while casting a glance at the three bound ghouls.

Pachac Pachac Pachac

"Its nothing," I said and decapitated the three ghouls in a single strike; they turned to smoke just like the first Ghoul I killed did, leaving behind three dark black cores.

"Here, take these necrotic cores; the 'Green Source' inside it will help your chances of survival," I said and threw the two cores at them; they did not decline the cores. They knew they need all the strength they have to survive in this dangerous ruin.

"Thank You." They said; I nodded and flew away from them, searching for the next Ghoul; as for the necrotic core I have in my hand, it is useless; I can't consume the 'Green Source' inside it, the device in my hands say this core is useless to me.

One could not consume as much as Green Source as one wants, there is a limit to the Green Source one consumes, and this limit depends upon the 'Green Source' that is present inside the necrotic core.

There is a simple equation, each drop of 'Green Source' one consume had to have 30% more powerful 'Green Source' that one consume next; only then the 'Green Source' will work on you.

It is proven after doing thousands of experiments across thousands of years, and since the density of the strange cosmic energy increases every second

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