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Chapter 1351 - ‘I’ Ruin I

A week passed by, and the day of the Ruin Gate opening have come. The past few days were quite happy; my days were spent studying, practicing, and in the company of Teacher and Elina.

The teacher taught me a few hours every day; these lessons were extremely precious, especially for my healing arts. The teacher has vast experience, and her knowledge is immense; she had the answers to all my questions.


"You have come finally; let's go; the Ruin Gate will open in half an hour," Elina said just as I landed in front of the Black Castle.

In the few months Ive been away, Elina had grown even more beautiful and emitting an otherworldly feeling that hosts of all bloodlines emit; she had also reached the High Level of Prince Stage, and I will have to try hard if I want to defeat her.

As I had landed, Elena had nearly pulled me as we walked into the black castle. The Black Castle, which is also its official name, is one of the most fortified locations in the whole Academy.

This castle was made from very rare materials and warded by her excellency Roosevelt herself. The castle contains only one thing: the realm gate on which the coordinates of 'I' Ruin are carved.

It is one of the two places that contain the coordinates of 'I' Ruins; the other place is in the head of Headmaster/Headmistress. The 'I' Ruin is one of the most precious resources in the Academy's hands; such security and confidentiality are warranted.

Soon we reach a huge hall in which the Ruin Gate present; in the hall, people stood in three groups. The group on the left is wearing Black Coat while the group on the right is wearing a Blue Coat; both groups have fifty people each.

As for the central group that is between them, it has three hundred and forty-two people who are wearing a white coat like I and Elina are wearing.

The left group wearing the Black is from the Hawthorn Sea, while the right is wearing the Blue is from Wisdom Tower, and the ones wearing the white coat are from Academy.

Usually, we did not share our resource site with anyone, including the Hawthorn Seal and Wisdom Tower, but we do once in a decade before the start of the World Championship; it is part of the ancient agreement.

I don't like this agreement, nor does the teacher. We share our resource site with them, but these people don't; they have many resource sites in their control, but they did not share the single one.

The worst thing is the pittance they offer as compensation for the usage of our Resource Site; it is less than ten times what we deserve.

We attracted the attention as we have entered the great hall, everybody looked at us, from groups to the Tyrant who is responsible for the group.

We walked under the deep gazes and reached the front of a central group; as the Headmistress student, I will lead the groups inside the realm despite having one of the lowest levels here.

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