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Chapter 1320 - Prince Stage I


I opened the door and walked out and saw Kevin in the same position as before when I had come inside the cabin for the breakthrough.

Kevin is King Stage powerhouse on the enforcer duty; I had asked him to guard me during the breakthrough; I did not want to be disturbed by anything during my breakthrough.

"You are really a freak; I have never seen anyone gathered so much worldly energy during the Prince Stage breakthrough," he said, and we walked toward the ward.

There are endless patients; I have got a break because of breakthrough; otherwise, I had till I can, and only I could have gotten the break is by collapsing.

Still, that time too, they would only give one break of one hour before calling back on duty. There are really too many patients that they could not show any pity to the healers.

Soon we reached the hall, and I again saw the frantic scene of limited numbers of healers trying their all to save as much as patients as possible.

I walked deeper inside the ward and tapped a few buttons on my holowatch. As I did, the energy covering the beds has disappeared.

Puch Puch Puch Puch

Taking a deep breath, I released the crysteline vines from my hands, and they moved toward the patients and pierced through their bodies but had not spread into their bodies.

I had just leveled up through the Prince; I did not know how many patients I could, so I am piercing the vines into one patient's body after another to see my limit.

It continued for a few minutes before I finally stopped and saw my vines had pierced through the bodies of one hundred and eleven patients, which is almost three times than before, far more than I had been expected.

I have not really healed them, but I know I could heal this many patients with my current capability.


"It will be painful; please bear it." With the warning, I started healing and immediately felt a huge headache building in my head. It is extremly hard to control over a hundred vines and extract the miasma through them.

I had never used so many vines before and wanted to give up seeing the headache I am feeling, but I continued. If my experiencing a little bit of pain could save lives, then I am willing to do it.

The pain is blinding, but I had long gotten used to such and instead channeled all the pain I am feeling into refining the energy. The huge amount of energy is required this huge number of people; I had to refine the energy every second to meet the need.

As the extraction started, the roses started appearing on the vines; the roses are now a little bigger than before, and the crystalline shell that is covering us also a little thicker for safety purposes.

The shell of roses before was too delicate that any Prince Stage would have easily able to crush it but now, to crush the roses, they will have to try a little harder.

The Pink Roses appear everywhere on the vines th

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