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Chapter 1331 - Battling Spider III

"It is not easy to kill me, little spider," I teased as I stopped and was quite surprised seeing the reaction I got from it.

Its eyes started to blaze with anger, Ive never seen so much anger in its eyes, even when it opened its eyes and found itself bound in the runes, 'It looked it does not like to be called little.'

"You spawn of filthy race; I WILL KILL YOU!" The Spider blasted in my mind loudly and came at me at a crazy speed.

Next second, Spider appeared In front of me and attacked me with its sharp leg, and this time, the attack is a little different than previous as this time, the leg of it was covered in light purple energy, which made all the hair on my body stood up warning.

Feeling the danger from the purple sheen, I know it is not a normal attack, but I did not fear it. My own inheritance energy covered my sword, and I moved toward its blade-like legs.


My sword clashed against its legs, and just as it did, I felt an intense cold coming toward me. The cold was extreme; if my n.a.k.e.d body had touched it, I would have been completely frozen within a second, but it is impossible with me wearing the Armor.


My Armor sucked all the purple energy creating the cold and converted it into the raw energy at the moment. The physical energy instantly transferred to the formations around my body to move back at a swift speed and dodge the string attack coming toward me.



That was just a start as, after that, its attacks got stronger and stronger, they were also faster especially those strings of its, they are extremely dangerouns, they are very fast and their quantity of also great that I have to careful of every single thread that came at me.

It would launch thousands of strings at each attack, and these strings would create a net that would continue floating around.

I am very careful of these silky, they did not disappear, and the worst thing is, The Spider could control them. She is moving all the nets she had launched at the strategic places, creating a net to catch me.

For that, she is not only using the nets she is throwing just now but also the nets she had created before to trap me; this time, it is one giant net.

I have been keeping an eye on the nets' positions; if I see the slightest hint of the net is being formed around me and there are chances of me getting captured, I will immediately move away at a distance.

Despite being very careful, I have been getting a nagging feeling in my heart as if I am missing something, that every minute I have been falling into its trap deeper and deeper.

Seeing it might be in the location, I tried to change position, and this feeling would elevate for some time before coming back to me.

My instincts were always very accurate, and I am sure that this Spider has cooked a very elaborate plan to finished me off, but the problem is I wasn't

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