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Chapter 1461 - Battling Reagen IV

"You want a tie?" Regen asked while attacking, "No," I replied, there is no tie, but if accepted the defeat at the same time, we will both lose this battle which would automatically be a tie.

The tie would not affect us; we both have won ninety-eight fights, and our entry into the Top 100 is guaranteed, but still, I wanted one of the people who defeat all the members of his group.

And since I had already decided I would reveal the second move, it did not hurt to try. I would accept defeat if a second move did not give me the victory.

"Then, Twelve Rapiers," she and activated her move as she took the jump back. As she landed ten meters ahead of me, twelve rapiers begin to materialize behind her. These twelve rapiers are the copies of the Rapier she is holding in her hand; the only difference is that they are made of Energy.

As the Rapier completely materialized, she twirls her index finger around before pointing at me; as she did that, the twelve rapiers around her moved and came toward me; these rapiers did not attack me but surround me.

"I hope you will like my move, Micheal," She said and twirled her index finger one more time.

Sup Sup Sup

As she did, all the twelve Rapiers came at me with the blurring speed; their speed is quite great, and so is a power they are vibrating with; in the battlefield, these twelve Rapiers would be terror, cutting life of hundred of Grimm Monsters within minutes.

"Rose Vine!"

I said, and twelve Diamond Green vines with twelve-inch long Dimaod Red tip came out of my back and swiftly moved twelve Rapiers that are coming toward me.

A flash of recognization flashed into the eyes of the Reagen as she looked at vines. My vines are the most common move of mine; first I used to use this move to harvest the Grimm Monsters before I began to use it as a fight.

They could find tens of copies of battles where I used my vines to fight; anyone watching it would know they are quite a weapon, nearly unbreakable the people of the same stage.


Finally, my vines reached the Rapiers and clashed gained them, creating defeaning sounds and shockwaves that covered the whole arena. Each of the clashes is more powerful than the most powerful clash we had with our rapiers.

My vines have always been stronger than my hands, and now after going through so many changes in ruin, they have become even stronger. There is probably no King in the world that could break through my vines, including the Grimm Monster.

I would not proclaim this loudly, it would sound obnoxious, and the world is filled with variables; there might be someone King who is powerful enough to break through my vines.


After the first clash, the Rapier and vines begin to clash against each other in earnest. It is a true battle of Control and Technique; the strength we both are projecting is the same; the winner will be the

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