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Chapter 1454 - Vs. Samual IV

"Hahahaha…" Samual laughed, and this is no simple laugh, I could the Rage burning in his eyes, and it is getting denser and denser every passing second.

Seeing his crazy laugh, I became a little serious and checked my defenses. These plums he launched may look harmless, but they are an extremely powerful attack; each is as powerful as the most powerful compressed fire attack he had me with earlier.

Tens of plums are striking against my Armor every second; I do not lift my sword to deflect these feather plums. The defense of my Armor is powerful enough to defend against such powerful attacks.

"Sarah was right; she said I would have to use my everything if I wanted to defeat you; I did not believe it, but it looks like I will really have to use my all to defeat you," Samual said as he stopped laughing crazily.

I am surprised hearing what he said; I would not have been surprised if Rachel had something like that; she is my ex-girlfriend, she knows me quite well. Sarah hates my guts; she had not liked me from the day I had met her. So, her saying something like that is quite surprising to me.

"Micheal, I am going to use my most powerful attacks, survive if you can," he said, and an extremely powerful aura burst out of him, projecting far more power I initially throught Samual had.

"Rage of Azlezel," "Wings of Palaise," "Death Angels Domain!"

Samual activated art after art, revealing a shocking amount of power; it had not only shocked me but shocked all the audience; I could feel gazes of hundreds of thousands moving toward our battle.

Thousands of battles had been fought till now, but no participants have revealed such power had as Samual. The amount of strength is shocking, and I don't like to admit it, but the power he is projecting right now would have been enough for him to reach the Top 10.

People do not reveal such power in the Top 1000; hell, they reveal it in the top 100; they only reveal such power when they are fighting for the place in the Top 100.

He had activated three moves, and these three moves had changed the interior of the ring completely.

The plain circular flying ring has now become fiery hell. The flat ground of the ring had changed into blue molten rocky terrain and dense white fire swirling around me, suppressing me and attacking.

It is his domain move, the most powerful Ive experience since I had come back. The other two moves he activated had covered him in a blazing white aura, if I am not wrong, then one is speed type move, and the other is a pure offensive type move.

"I have revealed my strength before it is time Micheal, I hope you don't disappoint me," He said and came at me. The look on his face is clearly telling me that he has confidence in winning and winning quickly.

Well, if it had been any other person, that would have been possible, but against me, he did not have a chance even with such amazing power; still,

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