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Chapter 1440 - Old Friends I

"Mr. Micheal, there are two women at the gates asking for you?" said chance, one of the guards manning the door.

Two women? I don't have any meetings with anyone, and aside from Mira and my parents, none of my friends have arrived at the Orcoz city yet.

"Can you ask them their name chance?" I asked him, "They said their name is Sophia and Reina," He said, hearing that my whole body shook.

Ever since I had come to the Central Continent, I had only talked to Sophia and Raina once, and that is only when I had forced the teacher to pull some strings, their organization was secretive about their whole business.

"Let them in," I said and bolted out of the door, by the time I had walked out of mansion, I saw two extremely women walking out of the gate and I couldn't help got little surprise seeing them, they looked different, far more different than I had imagined.

It had been three years since I had last seen them; they left the native continent a year before the Continental Championship.

From Adolescent girls, they have transformed into elegant young women. There is a great physical change had occurred in them; their bodies have matured, and their hair and eyes have somehow changed the color.

Sofia's red hair has gone through a great change; from regular red, they have transformed to fiery red ethingand from a distance, it looked like her hair is made of fiery strings.

Raina, who had dark hair is now had Icy Blue hairs; they looked like they have made from the fine strands of the glacial ice.

Their eyes have also got a similar shade of their hair, and one immediately attracted to them, but this is not the greatest change that had occurred to them.

The greatest change is the crystalline tear they have on their forehead. The tears are red and blue in color and faintly pulsating as it is alive.

Looking at the tear, I reminded of Ashlyn, who used to bore such a tear on her forehead.

"It had been while, Micheal," Sophia said as both of them appear next to me. "Yes, three years," I said with a sigh as I moved my eyes from the crystalline tears on their forehead.

"How have you been, guys?" I asked as I looked at both of them; both of them looked like a normal person, emitting not a shred of aura, which is quite uncommon.

Those with similar levels cannot hide their aura from me; they always lead some, but these two girls are not leaking even a fraction of their aura, and I am idiot enough to believe they have been crippled.

I am feeling an instinctive threat from them, they are very dangerous to me, and together, they are life-threatening.

"We are fine, more than fine, and you seemed too good as well," Sofia said as she looked me from up and down.

"Yes, Ive been great," I said, "Let's go to my room; we can there freely," I said and led them toward my room.

"So, what's with the new fashion statement of you guys?" I said, motioning toward

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