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Chapter 1442 - Top 1000

Days passed by, and the Second Phase of the competition started; in the 2nd Phase, there is no weak king, each and every participant was powerful, some even shone like the brightest stars.

Most of these brightest stars were known, but some were completely unknown, and there are many more who hadn't revealed a sliver of their power; these people hide well till it's time for them to reveal their real strength.

Each day, I would find many interesting fights. Hell, I could find them each hour; it had made my time in my Inheritance Space considerably shorter, but that is a tradeoff I had to make to watch my future opponent.

Still, I have not seen anyone who could pose a real threat to me; while it is true they are powerful, they are still not powerful enough to shake my confidence.

Hell, I did not find anyone whose strength has come relatively close to Elena, who has finished all her fights in a single attack.

Speaking of Elena, I am quite surprised by the speed she is progressing; every day, her aura would become powerful. It is like she is practicing every waking moment, which is not the case.

With all the time she spent fighting the matches of Championship and studying the opponents, she barely gets four hours to practice, which is not enough for normal people to make the progress she is making, but Elena is anything but normal.

She has the bloodline of Phoenix, and since its first Atavism, it begins to show its real power. If What Ive read is right, then Elena will continue making progress at such speed, and the more Atavism she goes through, the greater progress speed she will have.

It is one of the reasons why people are so jealous of those with bloodline; they are even better than the Inheritance when compared to the strength they provide but not all hearts and roses with bloodlines, they have faults, and sometimes these faults make one an abomination or kill one by providing more strength than they could handle.

There are other ways to bloodline make things difficult, but after thousands of years of dealing with bloodlines, we have developed ways to deal with minor side effects; it is the bloodline's major side effects that make most people worried.

Eight days had passed by since Sophia and Raina had come to meet me; the second Phase of the competition is over, the nine hundred have been chosen through the combat while the rest of the hundred will be from special seats.

Most special participants came from the Supreme while a minor part of them was occupied by people who had won the Continental Championship and some other competition.

Of the twenty people that Academy had sent, eleven were able to get into the Top 1000, which is very high numbers; usually, we considered ourselves lucky if two or three of our members could enter the Top 1000.

This was the easiest part for them; the first will the real challenge. It would be extremely lucky if any of th

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