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Chapter 1463 - Battles V

"Ninety-Eight wins, very good," I said to as I came back, defeating her last opponent; now, except for one lose, she had won all the fights of her group.

"Yes, but not ninety-nine." "You are one of the four people who had already won all the battles in their group." She said.

Six Groups have finished their battles, and in them, there are four people who won all their battle. Me, Jonah Simon, Ellen, and Mira, the three of them are monsters who had finished their battle in three moves.

The four groups have remained to finish their battles; they will be finished in two to three hours, and the Top 100 will be decided.

Many battles are being fought across the rings; these battles are going very intensely. Some are fighting for fun, while most are fighting to get into Top. To get into the Top 100, one has to win at least Ninety battles.

One has to be very powerful to win so many battles; those who were able to enter the Top 1000 are the cream and crop of their world.

Few minutes passed, and soon, Jill also finished her fight, becoming fifth to win all the fights of her groups.

The last fights are the greatest fight; here, people at the edge, and they give their all in a fight without holding back to make a cut. I saw many new styles being played and many new moves being used.

Some of the moves are quite amazing, which makes me wish I had designed something like that. I watch these fights and think about how I will deal with them if I come across them.

It is important to have a strategy; in the Championship, there are many people who held awe-inspiring strength; if I want to beat them all, I will need to be prepared.

Another group had finished with their fights, but this group did not have anyone who won all the fights; the closes is a boy with Ninety Eight wins and one loss, not every group had 'Monster' or someone that willing to show their real strength.

Take Marla, the host of the Championship, for example. In the last Championship, Marla played weak. In the Top 1000, she had lost only won Ninty Three battle, which is neither a good nor bad record.

When she reached the Top 100, she barely able to win two matches, but when she reached the top 20, she begins to show her real power and defeated one opponent after another till she became champion.

This strategy does not give one the direct win, but it gives one an edge, the less your opponents know about, the greater edge you will have during the combat.

I had never control myself in revealing my strength as I did during my fights in Championship, and regretfully, I will have to continue doing that for the edge against my opponent.

But if my luck is bad and my first fight in the Top 100 is against the 'Monster,' then I will have to reveal all my strength; the 'Monsters' will not be defeated unless I used all my strength against them.

An hour passed by, and another group had fished fight, the se

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