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Chapter 1472 - Sweet Revenge I

"Its quite intense, isn't it?" Elina said, seeing how Mary is fighting her opponent, "Its a good battle," I replied.

It had been half an hour since Mary started fighting, and its been intense from the very first minute. Both of them seemed to know each other and fought before seeing the way they took out the big guns from the start.

Both of them seemed to have a similar level of strength that even after using the powerful moves, they were not able to get a clear winner.

Still, nothing could be said about what will happen in the fight next second, one second, they are equal, and the other one might completely dominate the other. Everyone is hiding some of their power, and it will burst out when it is needed.

Seeing how none is getting the upper hand, someone will reveal their hidden cards if they have any. Till now, they have used many cards that they have not used before, and there may be some they are hiding.

Few more minutes passed, and they continued fighting on equal terms when suddenly Mary's opponent burst with power and used a powerful move, and a moment after that, Mary did the same.


As they clashed with their powerful auras, mary came out stronger and began pushing back her opponent till she was able to throw her opponent at forcefield surrounded the arena.

Her opponent is not injured and still in fighting condition, but he lost; touching forcefield means losing; Mary used a clever trick and thrown her opponent of similar strength across the forcefield.

"The Winner is Mary St John," Marla announced amidst crowds cheers. The battle had been intense, and the crowd enjoyed it immensely, which they are showing through their cheers.

"You guys have enjoyed the Battle, right; I hope you will enjoy the next even more," She said, and projection of participants appeared in front of her, and they begin to shuffle.

"The next battle is between Hermen Kieve of Sky Saber Vs. Micheal Zaar of Riverfield Academy." Marla said; hearing her announcement, I blanked out for a moment.

"Micheal!" I heard my voice and sharp pinch at my waist from Elina; the pinch was quite painful, but it had brought me back to myself.

I looked at the image of Herman and me floating in the arena and still could not believe we are going to fighting against each other. I had wished for this to happen thousands of times and knew how difficult it would be to happen.

The probability was in thousand, but it still happened; it seemed like some god finally heard my desperate wish and decided to grand it.


I had gotten up when I heard Elina said my name softly; she did not say anything other than my name but the words she wanted to say conveyed to me, and I nodded at her affirmatively.

I am not going to kill him, nor I could; powerful Tyrants are watching who could easily stop any life-threatening attack.

Hell, I am not even going to show the sligh

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