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Chapter 1458 - Battling Reagen I

"You did good," I said to her as Elina sat beside me with a sad smile on her face. She had lost the battle, the first since she begins fighting in the Championship.

Till now, in the Top 1000, she had fought the Ninety Eight battles and won Ninety Seven of them, except for losing only one battle, she won all the battles she had fought.

"I feel like if I had given my all, I would have won against him," Elena said softly. "It is a strategic defeat; fighting with all the strength would have given all of all the intelligence they need, and that would help them against you in the next round," Professor Jenkins said.

Elena softly nodded and looked ahead.

Seeing her like that, I couldn't help but sigh. She had fought her opponent for forty minutes, fighting him; she used quite a bit of her power but not all; when it became imminent for her that it would be hard to win the battle, she begins losing.

Though there are chances that she might able to win the battle, she decided not to take the risk. With her winning the ninety-seven battle, her entry into the Top 100 is fixed; she did not need to reveal more than she needed.

In the Top 100, she will have to give her all to advance; unlike the Top 1000, in the Top 100, you can't afford to lose any battle; losing means thrown out of the Championship.

Her decision was sound; revealing too much would have helped her opponent of 100; if I had been in her place, I would have made the same decision.

"Remember our real target," I said and took her hands into mine; her sad face brightened up little, and she nodded.


The box remained silent for few minutes when suddenly everyone's eyes light up, especially mine, as it is time for me to fight my last battle of Top 100 against the most powerful participant of my group.

Reagen Hartford!

"Micheal, accept defeat if defeating means revealing too much," Professor Jenkins advised.

"Ok," I said and walked out of the box; Professor did not advise this to Elena, not trusting me to accept defeat when it is time. I can't say I could blame her; when the battle is tough, I have a hard time giving it up.

Ive already decided that I have to win the Championship and to do that, I will have to make some hard decisions.

I flew toward the ring under the gazes of millions of audience; even after doing this for hundred times, I still feel intimidated by such a huge crowd, but I have become a lot better at controlling my nerves.


I landed on the ring opposite my opponent, who had already reached the ring a few seconds earlier. She is now looking at with her intense brown eyes.

Reagen is a tall black woman with a lithe figure; she is as tall as me. She is from Bloodsun and belongs to the Hartford family, a family of swordsmen, duelists to be exact.

There is one amazing thing about Reagan that she is the only person in special of Supremes that does not h

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