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Chapter 1456 - Whispers

"He is Monster!" Said the man who looked to be in his early thirties, "There is no doubt about it," replied the middle-aged man beside him, "Those from Silverstone were right about him," said the women who looked to be in early forties.

"Has the higher-ups upgraded his designation?" Old man asked, "Yes, a few seconds ago, not our Organisation but other Supremes too did that; it won't be long before Pyramid does too," Middle-aged women replied.

"Does Riverfield Academy will again produce Shocking world monster they had produced thousands of years ago," Old man said with a sigh.

"Don't joke, old man; he may have repeated one deed as his shining predecessors," "Throughout of the years, many members of our organization have performed amazing deeds that her excellencies have performed in their time, but that does not make them Hawthorn or Roosevelt," The middle-aged women snapped at the old man.

The old man did not get angry at being snapped; he just lightly smiled at women, "I am getting quite a feeling from this young man, I am very sure we might get quite surprised from him," The old man.

The middle-aged woman wanted to snap at the old man again, but she held back. This old man's Inheritance is something special, it is battle Inheritance, but he was able to harvest an extremely Rare Deviner type move from it; through this move, he gets the feeling that most of the time.

It makes him a precious resource of their organization; usually, he stayed in the organization for his safety but came out during the important event. The Championship is an important event, and the old man had a feeling about it, saying something big will happen during the Championship.

"Old man, you must have read about the latest intelligence right, there is a whisper of them doing something in the Championship?" A middle-aged man asked.

"Snort, we are in the safest place in the world Claus; if Grimm Monsters are able to attack here, then we would not be safe anywhere," Said the women.

"Edna, don't forget Grimm Monster has struck the Pyramid in the past, they had not tried in few hundred years does not mean they will not try again and this time chances seemed high, seeing how whispers of Epoch War are coming from the Grimm Monsters," Middle-aged man name clause cautioned.

Edna wanted to reply, but she knew her colleague is right; there had been news of the Epoch War from the Grimm Monsters side, and she really hopes something like that does not happen.

There had been only two Epoch Wars since the invasion of the Grimm Monsters, and the death and destruction they brought each time is shuddering.

Whispers of them came at very centuries, and in their place, only small Wars happened, but these wars are also very dangerous.

She still remembers the last War, a hundred and ten years ago. She was mere a King that time, like these children who are fighting in rings, in the grand her she was noth

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