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Chapter 1462 - Battling Reagen V

I did not waste any time and make my next move; my vines which had been fighting against the rapiers moved with the grace and flexibility of the snake and began to wrap around the Rapiers.

The rapiers tried to move away, cut the vines, but that did not do anything. My vines effectively begin to wrap themselves against the rapiers without feeling much resistance.


As my vines wrapping against Rapier, I sensed the Reagen coming toward me; her speed is very great, with her target being me.

During the Rapier and Vines fights, she moved a few steps closer; though the distance was a meter, it is important as it will save us precious microseconds in reaching me.

I let her come close to me, and when she was just five meters away from me, I made my move. The Rapier I was holding my hand flew away from my hand; it is a vine which I had shaped like a Rapier, and now it is moving toward Reagen with double speed than vines had every display.

A surprise flashed across Reagens face before it disappeared, and deep calculating expressions appeared in eyes, thinking about whether to reveal more power or not.

She decided in an instant and moved her sword; there is no increase in power or a new move; it looks like she had decided against revealing any more of her power.


Step Step

Despite having less speed and strength than my Rapier, she managed to defend against it easily, though she had to take two steps back, and when she had just stabilized, she got another surprise.

All the twelve of my vines came at her, her rapiers are still there, bound in the vines, but that did not affect the vines as they moved at her.


Reagen eyes hardened as she saw the vines and moved her sword, she did not use the extra bit of strength or technique, but she can still counter four of my vines before eight of them have bound her.

They had bound her completely, except for her head, there is no part of her that is opened, even the Rapier that she is holding had been bound by my vines.

"You lose unless you want to reveal more of your strength," I said to her with a smile, with her bound, even if she released her full power, she will still not able to get rid of my diamond vines; they are too strong for King to get rid of them.

Reagen glared at me without saying anything that lasted for few seconds before she closed her eyes and took a deep breath; when she opened her eyes a second later, her eyes were calm again.

"I accept defeat," she said; I could see sadness hidden in her eyes; she did not like losing, but if not for fear of revealing her strength to her future opponents, she would have fought against me with tooth and nail.

"Next time when we meet Micheal, it will be you who will lose," she said as she shook my hand as she accepted her defeat gracefully before flying off the arena.

"Micheal Zaar, Winner," announced, and

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