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Chapter 1464 - Old Enemies

"The Top 1000 are finished; now I can't wait for Top 100," Elena said as we begin to walk out of the box.

Tomorrow is a break after that matches will start again, and they will continue for four days till the winner of the Championship will emerge.

I couldn't help but feel the excitement bubbling inside me; the participants in Top hundred are going to be the best of the best, and losing a single match means thrown out, so they will use all their power to win the matches and move ahead in the Championship.

"You all done very well, especially you, Micheal and Elena; the Academy is very proud of you," Professor Josephine said.

I had read the forum, and there are thousands of congratulations for Elina and me, not only from the fellow members but also from professors and Council Members.

"Will teacher come for Top 100?" I asked with slight hope in my voice, "Professor will be here, just not physically," Professor Jenkins said, hearing that I couldn't help but feel slight disappointment.

Very few heads of Organisation come here; personally, only 10% permission to come here. It is not strategically wise to have all heads of organizations under one place; this may be the most safest place in the world, they would not still risk it.

The head organizations are the strongest people in the world; they are pillars that are guarding the world against the Grimm Monsters. The repercussion will be heavy if a large number of them have to come to harm at once.

Though most of them will not be present physically, they will have projection. The arena is a state of the Art; it could create the projection that looked real enough that they could food the normal person.


The elevator stopped, and we walked into the lobby; it is not much crowded, well all the crowd had already left the arena ten minutes ago, we have waited sometime before coming out.

I have just walked few steps when suddenly my eyes fell on the group; some people in the group seemed to have noticed me feeling my gaze and looked toward me.


Racheal and Jim said in unison as they spotted me; I nodded at them before moving my gaze toward two other members of the group, and my eyes blazed in vengeance.

'Hermen, Miranda,' I said as I looked at the two people who I hated most in the world; they had tried to kill me multiple times and nearly succeeded one time by meddling in the homing back and sending me into the space sea, if not for the timely arrival of the Professor, they would have succeeded killing me.

Both of them were looking at me, still holding the smug look they had when I met them for the first time, and seeing their smug look, a smile appeared on my face.

I desperately wish that any one of them come across me. In the Top 1000, they were not the group, but there is hope. Both of them have entered the Top 100, and their score is also good, winning Ninety Seven battles each.

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