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Chapter 1471 - Emily Vs. Elijah

"It is time to begin the last phase of the World Championsh.i.p.s, The Top 100," Marla said, and the audience cheered out loud; this was the moment they were waiting for.

It had been nearly two hours since we sat in the participant's area; there had been performances from celebrities, speeches from leaders, and the introduction of the participants, it made the crowd quite bored, and now they want to see some blood.

"Lets begin the first battle then," Marla said, and projection of Top 100 appeared, and they shuffled till two projections moved out of them.

"The First Battle will be between Emily August of Silverstone Academy Versus Elijah James of Sundering Peak," Marla announced, calling out two participants from the Participants area.

Two of them got up and flew toward the arena, "That boy going to get crushed by Emily, it would be lucky if he would be able to last more than ten minutes," Mary said beside me, and Elina nodded in affirmations.

Elijah James is a short, shy-looking young man, is one of the three people from the Emperor Grade organization that we're able to reach the Top 100; the other two are Elina and Me.

He is quite good for Emperor Grade organization, able to win ninety-three matches of his group to reach the Top 100, but barely, some of his fights seemed really desperate, so unless he is hiding his strength very well, Emily will chew him up and throw him out.


The whole arena shouted as the countdown finished and Emily moved; she did not want to give any chance to her opponent as she moved with blurring speed and attacked him with the art.

People thought it is game over from him seeing Emily had attacked him with pretty powerful attacks that would throw him out of the arena, but nothing of that sort happened.

Black runes flashed across his spear as he whipped it toward her coming sword, effectively neutralizing her powerful attack without with shake.

"My god, he was hiding really well," Elina said in surprise. The attack of Emily was the most powerful attack he had faced in the championship but seeing how easily he had countered it, it became very clear that he is hiding his power.

"This is Championship; many people reveal their true power, which they hadn't revealed till now," I said with a smile.

What is happening is nothing surprising; the only surprising thing is the way he has hidden it. He is so good at hiding his strength that even those who had watched his battle frame by frame were not able to say truly he is hiding his strength.

Teams of thousands of people from many organizations dissected every match of the Top 100 hundred to get a gleam of their ability, many organizations have published their results, and nearly all of them said Elijah is his limit.

He able to fool them all means his control over his body and energy is really good, and Emily will have to work really hard to defeat him.


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