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Chapter 1466 - Old Friend

The next day, I started it by waking up late; after freshening up, I made the breakfast and ate it with Ashlyn.

Yesterday, I had told Professor Jenkins that I would not attend the meeting, that I want the whole day for practice; I could tell she did not like my decision, but she accepted it without a word.

After finishing the breakfast, I opened the new intel on the participants that professor Jenkins sent in the morning.

As Championship reached its last phase, more and more information on the participants begin to come out, not only about their battle strength but personal information as well; some nasty people like to use it during the battle.

Some of this information is quite shocking, like an affair with a married man or something, but I only gave the personal information a cursory glance. Personal information is no use to me; no matter how juicy it and how I could use it during the fight, I will not stoop that low to win the fight.

I read the battle info of every participant and found some surprises; some of the participants have hidden their strength too deeply. It surprising but is not; it happens in every Championship.

While on some participants there is a surprising amount of information, on some participants there is barely any, the 'Monsters' like Mira and Ellen have barely any new information.

I have read them personally of them, and there is nothing special, almost bland on some like ellen. She already had a fiancé when their new girlfriends and Ellen are not one to perform infidelity.

Mira's personal information is also quite bland; aside from the list of boyfriends she had in the past, there is nothing.

The ones that did not have much information, personal or otherwise, are twins; both of them have very little information; it is like the past three years of their they had no life, if not for me talking to them and sensing their power, I would have thought their organization had confined them for three years.

Speaking of hiding, those two are hiding really deep; they have only won ninty four battles, barely enough to enter the Top 100. The twins are strong, very strong; the feeling I get from them tells me that I will have to try hard if I want to defeat them.

It took me a little more than two hours to finished reading all the info; after I finished with it, I cooked myself and Ashlyn a good lunch before I again laid on the bed and went to my Inheritance place to work on my Inheritance.

There I worked till evening, on the outside, it was just six hours but inside, it was the whole day, and when I came out, I was feeling tired, but there was a smile on my face, I have gotten close, and in two days, I will be able to make a breakthrough into the Mid Level of Knight.

"I will not be late," I said as I looked at my holowatch; I have to go meed, Clair. Due to the schedule of the Championship, I did not get a chance to meet her.

Today, I w

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