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Chapter 1402 - Battle I


I opened the door and walked out of it, and saw it launching a power attack on my abode.

The attack was not targeted at me, but it had hit very close to me that some of its power hit me, and I had to say, its very powerful, so powerful that I would have directly turned into smoke if it had been an hour before, but now, it did not even create an itch.

After that, it looked at me with eyes that were still covered in Ghost Jade Armor. Its Armor is amazing, but mine is even better.

"I am sorry to keep you waiting; you see, I was a little busy." I said to it; it did not reply, not even a 'humph' before it came at a speed which I would have called teleportation before, but now I could see it.

It had seemed to gauge my strength as this time; it had brough out the huge Greatsword behind its back, or maybe it had brought it out because it wants to kill me in a single attack.

I don't know, nor I care for the reason; I want to use the strength that is bubbling inside me, and since it had used its sword, I am going to use mine too, which in this breakthrough had changed as well and made it better.

My sword appeared on hand, and it is changed, dimension wise it is about the same, but everything else had changed.

The Blade my sword, which used to look like it had been carved from rubies, is now looked like it is made of Diamond. The Blade is fiery red with a tinge of gold and handles everything is of forest green color, and surprisingly, it did not look like it is made of the Diamond but the wood.

The wood is very gripable and heavy, perfectly in balance with the Blade. The emblem of abomination that is present in the center of the guard is the only place where Green and Red worked, presenting a tentacles abomination.

Aside from the looks, the weight of the sword had also increased by 40%, which is great; if the sword had remained of the same weight, it would have felt too light, and I had to use its weight enchantment every time I had to feel something heavy in my hand.

The enchantments had remained the same, but there is a big change that had occurred to them; the change in them is really amazing.

I lifted my sword and moved toward it; my speed is faster than I had intended, it will take a while to control this sudden increase in strength.

Soon we reached next to each other and moved out the sword; both of our swords are Greatsword, with its being slightly bigger and both of the swords looked as if they are made of the Gemstone.


Our weapons clashed, and I felt a huge amount of coming down toward. The amount was so immense that it could easily drown a King, and even I felt fear toward it before I realized I could handle it fine.

The immense amount of energy came at me, but as it touched my Amor, it had immediately disappeared, and the next moment, I got a huge amount of raw energy at my disposal.


We had just clashed when

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