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Chapter 1414 - Last Days III

"It really is a coffin!" I said as I reached close enough to the burning square. The square is densely bathing in the ghostly green flames, and these Green Flames are extremely dangerous; I could see the faint humanoid silhouette inside it.

The figure is inside is huge, could be one of the mythical Giants I had read about, but I am not sure; the silhouette is too faint actually to see more than the faint silhouette.

"Well, I did not expect to see the descendent of the little Ghoul here," The hidden being inside me said.

"Little Ghoul's?" I asked back, but I did not get any answer from it, seeing that I shook my head in disappointment. The hidden being is a fountain of knowledge, but it is very stingy when sharing that knowledge.

I looked at the Coffin for a second more before moving away from the coffin and energy torrent, which is getting sucked into the Coffin as the last of Emperor Grade, which is also the last vial of essence melted inside me.

In this Ruin, I have drunk away more than a thousand vials of Herbal Essence; there is not a single vial of Herbal Essence that has remained in my storage. Not only Herbal Essence, but I have also eaten away most of the raw herbs I have on me.

It had provided me powerful strength that I wanted to say I will unmatch in my in the King Stage when I returned home, but I am not that overconfident yet; I may not be the best, but I am extremely close to the best, and even the best will have to try their all if he/she wanted to defeat me.

In these twenty-three hours, I had a huge increase in strength, far more than my injuries had given me, so much I had reached close to my limit.

Though there is one slight problem that I will have to fix quickly, the impurities, my body is brimming with them; I feel like my whole body is filled with them, and it is likely true.

The herbs I ate may be of high quality with minimum impurities, but it is an undeniable fact that they do contain the impurities. The number of raw herbs I ate had filled my body with more impurities than I am comfortable with.

'I will take a few more hours for the coffin to bring the Cosmic Energy of the run to a minimum,' I said, looking up and taken out the abode.

The abode is a normal one, but it is still able to bear the attacks of Ghouls. I did take out my space abode, I am very close to getting out of this Ruin, and I did want to use anything that will interfere with homing beacon I am wearing.

A few seconds later, I wanted into the Ruin and took out my clothes before sitting down; I do not want to burn another set; the smell of impurities is very hard to take out from the clothes.

I looked at the Green Pearl carefully as this will be the last Green Source I will consume. This Green Source is from the last group of Green Kings I had killed, the most powerful ones.

There are no powerful Green Kings than them, and the Green Source of weaker Gree

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