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Chapter 1421 - Phoenix Requiem

Suddenly her bloodline aura thickened, not like the slow change that is happening for the past thirteen minutes; the bloodline aura thickened three times within a moment.


I was just reeling from the surprise of a sudden increase in her bloodline aura when her aura exploded like never before and muttered muttered 'Phoenix Requiem' in a strange deep layered voice.

Waves of Purple Violet Fire begun to release from her and spread around her area, and at the same time, dense fiery wings erupted from her back, and the crown of fire appeared on her head.

A second later, I found myself in the world of Purple Violet Fire that is suppressing me in every way, and at the same time, I found myself stared at by Elina, which seemed to be not Elena.

She stared at me for a moment before she came at me, and I only had a moment to the activated full power of the old set.


I countered her extremely fast attack. If I had not activated the full power of the 'Old Set' on time, I would not have been able to counter such a powerful attack.


Elena did not stop for a second to launch the second attack before launching the third one. She continued to attack me at an extremely fast speed, with each of her attacks targeting my weak spot.

It looks like her Bloodline is acting up, providing her with more power and knowledge while doing that; it also influences her personality.

How you may consider it, disadvantage or advantage, the Bloodlines are known to affect the personalities. Most of the time, the effect is minor, but sometimes it is major, especially in the Powerful Bloodlines.

What she is having now is just a simple epiphany anymore; it is much more not to forget the move she is using is making me all king of her uncomfortable.

Usually, I suppressed my enemies through my powerful Domain, but now it is this move of Elina that is suppressing me, and It is comprehensive suppressing; I am getting suppressed from every point, from my attacks to my soul.

There is one more damning thing about this Domain effect of her more; it is a little better than my Domain, I don't want to accept it, but it is the truth.

It may be bitter truth, but its a good thing; I have come across such Domain as seeing this Domain had given me a chance to see the flaws in my Domain which I hadn't known existed.

But before I go collecting the data, I should increase my power. Getting no challenge from me, I am seeing signs of Elena getting out of her Epiphany; I could not have that, not unless I finish observing her Domain at her strongest and the current Domain is far from the strongest.

'First Boost!'

I said, and a trickle of thick, powerful energy begins flowing inside me; unlike before, I could now control the amount of energy generated through the 'First Boost' and thus could use it for as long as much I want, the only condition I

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