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Chapter 1435 - Day Before Championship II

"Micheal, you have changed." Mother said she looked at me intently, not only she, but my father is also looking me in such gaze, and he seemed to be using some sort of method as his eyes flashed with blue ruines, which is making me quite uncomfortable.

"The Ghoul Ruin seemed to have made a greater improvement to your strength than I had through," Mom said, "Yes, the advancements Ive made there were phenomenal," I said; I did not hide anything.

"That's good; you will need all the advantage you have; the people that are participating this time possess the strength, Ive never seen before," Mom said, and I couldn't help but nod at that.

Since I had returned from the Academy, Ive heard about these monstrous participants, and to be honest, I couldn't wait to fight them.

"Mom, I want to ask you something?" I said to my mother, hearing me said that my mother straightened up her lazy pose, and a serious expression appeared on her face.

"You want to know about the shield, right?" Mom said, and I nodded.

A strange atmosphere spread as silence descended; mother had closed her eyes for a second before opening them. "The Shield was from Lia; it was her Totem Artifact," Mom said slowly with a painful expression on her face.

Totem Artifact? I couldn't help but surprise to hear that as a totem artifact should not do what that Shield is doing.

Totem artifacts are powerful as long as they remained with the creator. When they actualize after the death of their host, their power diminishes a lot, and the Shield I have inside me very powerful, and it is sentient.

Extremly few totem artifacts gain the sentient, but that sentient dies when the creator dies, but the Shield still had its sentient.

I have felt its power and saw easily how it was able to push back against the attack of the Green King. The attack of Green King nothing compares to the job it had been doing for all this while.

It had been suppressing a very powerful sentient curse inside me for years and is doing it now. The Totem artifact could not do that, even those from the powerful tyrant; there must be something different about that Shield.

I looked at my mother for an answer but only to see her busy with her own thoughts.

She looked very sad, so sad it hurts seeing her like it; I wanted to do something about it, but there is nothing I could do about it, I am feeling completely powerless, and I hate this feeling very much.

"Lia found that Shield when she was a Knight; she found it in her first ruin. That Shield is very mysterious; it had boded with her on its own, becoming her Totem Artifact," Mother informed softly.

I was right; normal totem artifacts could not do what Shield is doing; the suppressing quality and sentient are due to its mysteriousness.

That begged another question, why the Shield had not become my totem artifact? It is clear that it had been suppressing the cur

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